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Social activism topics 2020 and beyond

We are living in a time of significant change. Our social activism topics 2020 and beyond will be determined by the global issues that arise based on environmental, economic, and political trends. In this blog post, we’ll explore what some of these global issues may look like through the lens of our local communities. We’ll also talk about how you can get involved in your community to make a difference for future generations with just an hour or two per week!

Social media strategies are a big part of being a good activist in 2020. Plus, social media is a big topic and will continue to be in the future. We live in social bubbles, which is partly our fault and partly the fault of media companies. So the point of this post is to encourage people to see the bubble for what it is.

Once we can see past the individuals representing their respective bubbles, we can see the bubble as a whole thing. This is important because of how much misinformation is out there. That leads us to the number one reason to reimagine social media.

Restore value to the truth through social media

What does it say about a group of people that don’t value truth? More importantly, what does it say about the rest of us? Our philosophy says that people must not be acting as good bearers of the truth. We can bring back the popularity of truth-bearers through reimaging social media.

Social Media strategies are creating too many problems

From get rich quick schemes to blatant scams, it’s all happening on social media. People are now more paranoid than ever, and they are more secluded. Plus, Covid-19 has exacerbated this issue. In a way, social media has become the new Wild West.

Shallow is not perfect

Instead of seeing everything at face value, we can choose to see the depth of a situation. This type of reimagining takes real effort; judging a book by its cover no effort. That’s why people do it. You can choose to judge with the herd, but I won’t.

Unity as a byproduct of reimagining social media

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that unity is bad. Moreover, unity is within our grasp. We have to confront the realities of living in a social media-dominated age. That means not settling for existence inside a walled advertiser garden.

Going viral is not a realistic goal

Promoting unrealistic goals is the essence of what viral sensations are. How does it help anyone? It’s like having a bunch of people play the lottery that’s tax-free. Plus, most people aren’t spending money; they are losing something more valuable. Time.

Take back the power over your personal information

Some people might not care about their private browsing data. If you follow our posts related to privacy, you would know we care. The fact of the matter is social media targetted advertising is not helping users. It’s a form of paid spam, and we don’t have to accept it.

Connect in more meaningful ways

Do people get tired of arguing pointlessly on the internet? I’m serious too. Through my writing, research, and analysis, I’ve found that people respond better when listening. Therefore if we can get people to listen more, it would be a huge boon. Especially related to the arena of public discourse.

Productivity wins the race

Studies have shown social media is making us lazy. Moreover, social media doesn’t promote or reward original thinking. In fact, it reduces the learning and research potential of each individual. If we reimagine social media, we can learn to do more with it. Make social media work for us and not against us.

Poor students make even worse teachers

Think about how many unmotivated social media users are preparing to enter the real world right now. The answer is probably a lot, and social media has made them vastly underprepared. I struggle to find better reasoning to reimagine social media than ours and our children’s futures.

Your brain on social media

If people are going to be media addicted, the least we can do is steer them in the right direction. That’s the whole point of writing this article. More importantly, we are obligated as moral and responsible people to do the right thing. In this case, the right thing isn’t sitting back and letting the world pass us by.

Tips To Be A More Self-Sufficient Social Activist

The next reason for activism could be right around the corner. We considered that everyone in Covid-19 hot zones is stuck at home or too vulnerable to go outside. They could probably use some tips on efficiency.

Start a webpage or internet-based business

With the prevalence of high-speed internet connections, everyone can turn their writing passion into something more. Plus, we are living in a new age of working from home.

There are also many cheap ways to host and create websites. Unfortunately, the learning curve for specific aspects is high. Nevertheless, access to platforms and the need to utilize them has never been more increased.

These reasons are why I created this guide, to guide people to try new things and understand the internet and business best practices. As well as teach about some of the nuanced features of modern web apps.

Become a world-class professional writer

Do you need some tips on how to write like the pros? We have got you covered. Just read below for a quick start guide to mastering one of the oldest skills known to man.

1. Use a writing aid like “Grammarly”

Nobody has time to check their thesaurus every time they write. Nor should anyone even consider it unless you are that obsessed. In which case, more power to you.

2. The next pandemic needs writers who write for humans, not machines

Pay no mind to every random tipster on the internet. There is no way to game the search engines. Moreover, obsessing over every tag and category is a waste of time. So write like how you would want someone to write to you.

3. Laser focus on the subject matter

People don’t need to know your every thought or every detail. Keep it simple is not just a good motto. It’s a good philosophy and science. The sum of any one part is not greater than the whole. Remember that.

Be objective, or at least not too biased.

Look, unless you are promoting some super niche, being 1 sided is not smart. Mainly because you leave out an entire market of potential followers or customers, so it’s better to try to pull people from the fence than be extremists.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

In other words, don’t be boring. I would argue that’s why most writers fail. Maybe they are an expert writer, but they come off as too technical. More importantly, without the range and variety of openness, complacency festers.

If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

Toni Morrison
Become a collector

Unleash your inner collector. You can browse the internet for collectible items, or even travel around if you are up to take the risk. Some websites enable users to collect digitally. Sites such as




Become an activist or social journalist

These days the internet provides many paths to activism. There is social networking, live streaming, and video creation. That’s not to discount doing it the old fashioned way. At Viable Media, we are fair and balanced, so we can’t officially endorse any protest.

Adopt a pet

Pet ownership has skyrocketed during the pandemic, for obvious reasons. Every year millions of pets are euthanized due to lazy owners. These animals need saving, and quite frankly, nobody should have much better to do.

These last was some of the things you can do to feel normal during the global pandemic. We will keep it updated frequently.

Scientists Believe BioNTech/Pfizer Vaccine Can End The COVID-19

A new wave of COVID-19 has hit the world, including the United States. According to John Hopkins University, more than 52 million people have tested positive for the virus until now. The death toll has risen to 1290000.


To fight the lethal virus, labs worldwide are in a race to create the Coronavirus vaccines as early as possible. In this frightening situation, the first successful full Pfizer’s vaccine gave people hope to fight the virus. The vaccine has been created by the collaboration of German company BioNTech and U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

How a vaccine works is that it contains a weakened or dead virus given to the person. But Pfizer’s vaccine has a different mode of action. This vaccine consists of a part of COVID-19 mRNA instead of a dead or weakened virus. The delivered mRNA directs the production of COVID-19 proteins in the body. As a result, the body recognizes these proteins to start an immune response.

The good news is, Pfizer and BioNTech announced that the vaccine proved more than 90% effective against COVID-19. They are optimistic that the vaccine would end the virus as it showed the best results during phase 3 trials. If the Food and Drug Administration approves the vaccine, it will cure millions of people. Pfizer and BioNTech already signed agreements with the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada to supply vaccines once the FDA gives a positive signal. 

Warp Speed

On Friday, President Donald Trump said that Operation Warp Speed made it possible for both companies to make the vaccine. Operation Wrap Speed is a joint program of the U.S. health department, defense department, and drug manufacturing companies. He also praised the operation for its hard efforts to research, develop, and distribute Pfizer’s vaccine.

Trump said that his administration provided almost $1.95 billion to Pfizer and BioNTech to deliver 100 million doses in the United States. He said the vaccine would be initially offered to health workers and elderly Americans only.

According to Operation warp Speed’s chief adviser, Moncef Slaoui, 20 million Americans could receive Pfizer’s vaccine this year. During his press conference Friday, he said that they aim to distribute 25 -30 million doses after December.

The successful testing of vaccines in phase 3 trials has given the people hope that the virus will soon meet its end. Still, there are some questions raised that have to be answered in the coming days. Though it performed well in the trials, it is unclear whether it will be effective for all ages and ethnic groups. That’s why it’s better to wait a few more days until there is any officials response.

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine raises serious safety concerns as 29 people died after inoculation

Norway expressed serious apprehensions regarding the Pfizer -BioNTech vaccine’s safety as 29 people passed away following the immunization. According to the state’s official, over 30,000 people have received the vaccine’s first dose in the Scandinavian county. Following the inoculation, many people have fallen sick, especially older people, already suffering from health problems.

Though the number is not alarming, Norway officials are concerned as the danger isn’t averted yet. To probe the vaccine’s lethal effects, Norway officials directed a thorough investigation. Pfizer and BioNTech have also joined the investigation team to determine the underlying cause of the vaccine’s severe reactions in elderly patients.

Steinar Madsen, the medical director of NOMA, said they aren’t still confirmed about any connection between fatalities and mRNA vaccine. However, they are trying to figure out the root cause of deaths.

According to Norway officials, three-quarters of people who died after vaccination were in their 80s or older. They said the vaccine elicits mild reactions in all individuals; young ones are strong enough to cope with them. However, the vaccine proved to be too risky for frail people as its reactions intensified, but they could not overcome the illness.

Not only Norway,but Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute is also already probing the deaths of 10 people shortly after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. According to the Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski, a medical expert, deceased people were aged between 79 to 93, and all were already suffering from multiple diseases.

Norway’s post-vaccination death story was first revealed by the Chinese newspaper Global Times. The publication also called on Norway and other European countries to stop using the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine after 23 fatalities were reported in Norway.

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine severe reactions in elderly patients raised serious safety concerns in other countries willing to buy their vaccine.

Australia, who already agreed to ship 10 million vaccine doses, also became cautious regarding the vaccine. Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration also asked the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine manufacturers for additional information about its severe reactions.

All the countries using the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine witnessed deaths in older peoples. It might be because the vaccine was tested on thousands of people, but the majority were in their early 50s. However, when the countries preferred inoculating older adults first, they developed severe symptoms resulting in deaths.

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