Social Commentary

Every day new social networks are popping up across the digital landscape. It’s impossible to keep track of them all, but we will keep everyone up to date on the most popular social networks and what they bring to the table. The list will start from the top, at least […]

The most popular social networks for activists

The world has seen many selfless and devoted leaders who drew the human race’s destiny with their unmatched efforts and intellect. That’s why we wrote up this list of the five most tyrannical leaders of all time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that without the help and directions of […]

Five most tyrannical leaders of all time

History is immersed with great leaders who changed the destiny of their nations. They moved their people by unique ideologies and marked their names in the list of most famous world leaders. Although it is not easy to list the five most renowned leaders, we have tried to name a […]

5 most famous leaders from the world’s history

Most of us probably try not to rant. Like it’s not a good look in any medium. So this essay looks at ranting and how it may be one of the few things not to be normalized. Or at least it is normalized only within certain contexts. When humans first […]

Is the media angry? 3 potentially crushing reasons why

With the pandemic in full spring and depression mode seemingly activated for many people. We thought we could inspire or teach people how to think more positively. The following are our tried and tested methods of being a positive activist. Keep in mind; there are no shortcuts to retraining your […]

How to think more positively in 2020 and be a better activist

laptop showing the netflix logo

Netflix is an online streaming service that offers a variety of Television shows, movies, and documentaries. There are thousands of films and dramas available on Netflix. It is hard to find a movie or a series that fits your mood best among thousands of options. Number one on the list […]

The best Netflix films and shows in 2020