Student Activism

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Student Activism focuses on the rights of students. Some important topics deal with student loan debt.  Student rights to privacy and access to education, or work.

Student loan debt forgiveness activist guide

Borrowers are fighting back against student loan debt. They are asking for student loan debt forgiveness. However, the government has made it more difficult for students to receive loans and the federal government is not doing enough to help graduates with their debts. Join us as we take a look at the best way you can get involved in advocating on behalf of those who need your voice most: the borrowers. Many students are graduating […]

Feel Good news headlines – Late 2020 edition

California inmates became activists to help a student in need Life is a circle of happiness, sorrow, and hard time. Sometimes, it brightens us by bringing unexpected gaiety, while others mark a grueling journey. That time appears to be most prolonged, and we feel being assaulted from all sides. In such a painful period when you are alone, and there is no one to wipe your tears, people become a source of happiness. No matter […]

paris hilton instagram story

Trending activism news headlines – late 2020 edition

‘This is Paris’ reveals the truths about Hilton that no one knew Paris Hilton, a 38-year-old actress, singer, and socialite,  outpoured everything about her private life in a recent documentary named, “This is Paris.” In the documentary, released on her YouTube channel on 14 September, she relived disturbing memories of abuse and torture from her childhood at a Utah boarding school.  Paris said; “I feel like the whole world thinks they know me. No one […]