The Best Inventions of All Time: Ranked From Most Well-Known to Least Known

The best inventions of all time are typically the ones that have changed the world. The best inventions are usually simple in their design, but they have had a lasting effect on society. These best inventions can be anything from pharmaceuticals to hand tools and everything in between. This article will go over some of the greatest innovations of all time and rank them from most well-known to least known.

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Greatest Inventions of All Time

The Wheel

The wheel allows humans to travel overland quickly and efficiently, allowing us to cross vast distances both in person or via trade items. It has allowed for a revolution in transportation that began with carts and chariots but continued through trains, cars, planes, bicycles, and so forth.


The next best invention of all time was writing. Writing allows humans to record history without having it forgotten through oral storytelling. This means we have records going back much further than our memories can account for which enable historians to insight into how ancient civilizations lived their lives on Earth many years ago when they may not have otherwise been able to do so given incomplete or lost evidence from before written language existed at all.


This best invention is beneficial for hunting and warfare, allowing humans to kill animals and other people from a distance instead of requiring close combat fighting with spears or swords.


Another best invention of all time is the light bulb. Electricity changed our world significantly because it allowed us to create lights that can be used at any hour of the day without relying on natural sunlight from outside sources.


The invention of penicillin was in 1928. This antibiotic has saved millions of lives and is widely used to treat different infections such as pneumonia, meningitis, and syphilis. Unfortunately, it has some side effects like allergic reactions and diarrhea. The second important invention was made in 1956 by two American scientists: Drs. Willem Kolff and Daniel Nathans. It was a device that helped patients with kidney failure, a dialysis machine. In this way, the doctors could artificially clean the blood of their patients.

Heart Surgery

Next, we have heart surgery done by opening up or cutting into the patient’s chest to repair damage to the heart muscle, treat irregular heart rhythms, or unclog blocked arteries that cause heart attacks.

SmallPox Vaccine

Another important invention is a vaccination for smallpox. Smallpox was a deadly disease, and there was no specific treatment.

It appeared in the U.S. around 1775 and was one of the leading causes of death in Europe during the 18th century, killing about 400,000 Europeans every year. People that survived smallpox often had disfiguring scars on their faces. In 1969 the World Health Organization declared smallpox an eradicated disease. Unfortunately, some scientists have found traces of this virus, so it’s not entirely deleted from nature.

The Internet

The following invention is the internet, which provides a means of exchanging information quickly and efficiently. Considering that developing countries can’t afford expensive telephone and fax equipment, they could communicate with each other through the internet. The invention of computers allowed people to create new games, which we enjoy playing today on our computers and video game consoles.

There’s a significant number of different types of video games: action, adventure, sports, strategy, and many others. Computer technology is evolving quickly with better processing speed and more graphics capabilities. Today most homes have at least one personal computer that has access to the internet. We all use computers in our daily life, such as writing letters (e-mails), posting messages (blogs), or looking for information on the web (search engines).


The latest invention I want to talk about is satellites that help us navigate, obtain weather information, and T.V. purposes. We can watch T.V. on our home computer or see what is happening in other parts of the world through Internet television.


I believe airplanes are the greatest invention because they change how we travel. There are so many other modes of transportation, but planes can fly from one point to another in a relatively short amount of time. Plus, it’s a relatively safe mode of transportation. Even if there was an accident, you’re not going to die like you would if there were a terrible car accident.


I have a few reasons for GPS being a fantastic invention. First, it’s used in many things, from finding the right way to work to navigating international flights. Secondly, it has revolutionized all sorts of industries, from travel agencies to the automotive industry. Finally, GPS is universal and has been available to everyone since its introduction in 1997 on a wide-scale level.

Many people don’t realize that they use GPS every day regularly. The technology is currently used by a little under half of the U.S. population. The number is expected to keep growing as more people use smartphones and download navigation apps on their devices. That means nearly one out of five Americans rely on GPS at least once per day for activities like traveling to a new destination or finding the closest coffee shop. Some studies show that as many as three-quarters of smartphone owners use GPS on their devices at least once per week.

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These inventions have dramatically improved lives worldwide in their respective eras, but they are far from being the only three greatest inventions ever created by humanity throughout history. All good things must come to an end, however, so now we will go over some lesser-known best inventions that may not enjoy public notoriety like those previously mentioned do:

Lesser-Known Greatest Inventions of All Time

Audiovisual Breath

from the National Centre for Biological Sciences is a breathalyzer that can detect cancer at its early stages by identifying organic compounds in one’s breath: “It emits an imperceptible puff of air which carries molecules exhaled from deep inside your lungs. It then analyses the chemical signature of that puff to check for certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are present in higher concentrations when you have cancer.”

Body Scanning Machines

These machines work by sending large amounts of radiation through one’s body. These machines are available in many airports worldwide, but their use is controversial because they expose travelers to excessive radiation levels.

Expense Management Software

EMS programs track your work-related expenses and share this information with your company’s accounting department: “Some apps allow users to take a photo of a receipt which is then parsed and categorized for relevant data entry.”

Crime Scene Tape

Police tape has been around for a long time now. Typically indicates where a crime took place and how far the scene is from that point. Still, it too can now be found at many crime scenes outside of the U.S. as well: “In Canada, police tapes are usually yellow in colour with black text, while crime scene tapes used by fire departments are often blue or another very bright color.”

Scuba Gear

Scuba gear is a great invention because it allows people to breathe underwater. It also offers protection from the strong waves and currents that are found in deeper waters. Scuba divers can explore many different aquatic habitats that would be difficult for other types of marine life.

Sliced Bread

It was a fantastic innovation of Joseph Perrier, who invented it in 1928.

The bread lasts longer than before, so you don’t need to eat the whole thing at once or throw it away quicker than you would if you used a fresh loaf.

Before sliced bread came along, loaves were sliced with a knife by hand, which became back-breaking work.

The Printing Press

The printing press was an important invention. This is because it allowed the mass production of books and pamphlets and changed how they were distributed. It made them cheaper and more accessible to a broader audience. People could now read and share information with less effort than before.

One of the most influential inventions in printing was the Gutenberg Press in 1454. This allowed for the mass production of books and pamphlets and changed how they were distributed. It made books and pamphlets cheaper and more accessible to wider audiences.


The greatest inventions of all time are those that have changed the world for better or worse. These creations often happen by accident, but their impact is undeniable, and they’ve made our lives easier in some form or another. From electricity to cars to smartphones- these “accidents” have helped shape human life as we know it today. Which invention would you say has had a more significant impact on society?


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