List Of Political Parties That Are Popular Worldwide

List Of Political Parties That Are Popular Worldwide

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There are many political parties in the world. Today, over 200 different types of political parties have been formed around the globe. Some were founded decades ago, while others have recently come into existence. With so many out there to choose, it can be hard to know which one you should join or where your beliefs align with theirs. This list of political parties will help you decide what party is suitable for you and how they may affect your life if elected.

List Of Political Parties

Conservative Party

A conservative party is a political party that favors conserving the status quo in society. A conservative might promote the values of individualism, traditional family life, and respect for authority. Conservatives are generally suspicious of rapid change, governmental overreaching, and political upheavals.

Conservatives do not favor radical societal changes because they believe these changes will negatively affect the status quo, which is often preferable. Therefore, conservatives often defend what they see as good in traditional ways of life by emphasizing self-reliance and self-determination.

Conservatives also stand for legitimate government authority against illegitimate attempts to gain power. They support law enforcement agencies, military action against enemies abroad, and vigilant punishment of criminals at home.

Democratic Party

The Democratic party believes in freedom and fairness. They don’t want people to be treated differently because of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. They also want many jobs with good pay so everyone can have a good life.

Green Party

The green party is a political party that wants to improve the world and protect the environment and make it cleaner.

Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is a political party in the United States that advocates for limited government, free markets, and civil liberties.

The party’s platform includes respecting individual rights, minimizing the size of government, maximizing economic freedom, allowing private property rights to help expand personal responsibility, and reversing America’s involvement in war-torn regions worldwide.

They are fiscally conservative and oppose most government regulations.


Progressives try to do better by pushing for social change. Progressives are usually willing to work hard to create a better environment for themselves and others.

Socialist Equality Parties

The Socialist Equality Party is a party that wants everyone to have the same things. The same standard of living, opportunities to reach that standard of living, and the same amount of privilege granted by their status. Even if that contradicts what is traditionally known as “social justice.”

Working Families Party

The working families political party is a group of people who want to help families with children. They want to ensure that all parents have access to affordable child care, paid sick days, and fair pay. They want to ensure that when parents work, their kids are safe. They also want to ensure that all families have clean air and water access.

Nationalist/Populist Parties

Nationalism is a party that wants to keep everything the same. It doesn’t want people to come in from other countries. It doesn’t want people to learn other languages, and it doesn’t want anything to change.

Netherlands Labor Party

The Netherlands Labour Party (PvdA) is a social-democratic political party. It was created through a merger of two smaller left-wing parties.

The PvdA is one of the larger Dutch political parties. The other is the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, led by current Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who has represented either side of the political spectrum at different times in modern Dutch history.

The party supports same-sex marriage, strict gun control, euthanasia, and decriminalizing cannabis use (for personal use). Regarding environmental policy, the party opposes nuclear energy as a means of energy production.

New Zealand First Party

Fairer and simpler taxes for all. (This means everyone pays the same tax, which is simple to understand.) The NZFP wants an economy that delivers for all New Zealanders.

Nonpartisan League

A Non-Partisan League is a group that wants people to vote for people, not just the party they belong to. The Non-Partisan League originates in the United States of America, but it also exists within the borders of Canada. While most people know what political parties are in their country, few know that one party is not affiliated with any political party system in Canada.

People’s Party of Canada

This is a Canadian federal party that was created in 1919. They are very right of center and believe in lower taxes, less government regulation of the economy, and new trade negotiations with the US, among other things.

Pirate Party

The Pirate Party is a political party in Sweden, and they were founded in 2006. The Pirate Party is an international non-governmental organization that lists its ideology as “information wants to be free.”

They are best known for their intense dedication to freedom of information. It is also worth noting that they label themselves left-wing, which sets them apart from the right-wing Pirate Party founded in 2006 in the Czech Republic.

UK Independence Party (UK)

This is a British right-wing populist party founded in 1993 by Alan Sked; it’s then a sole member of parliament to provide a voice for those who wanted the UK not to be part of the European Union. Policies are based on economic liberalism, traditional social values, and Euroscepticism.

Workers’ Party (Brazil)

The Workers’ Party (PT) was founded in 1978. The PT, or Partido dos Trabalhadores, was founded in opposition to the country’s military government at the time. The PT is considered one of the four major political parties in Brazil.

Workers’ Party (Singapore)

The Workers’ Party is a self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist political party in Singapore. Founded in 1957, the party has played a crucial role in Singapore’s history by involving other left-wing groups. These include trade unions, student associations, and political alliances.

World Transformation Movement

The World Transformation Movement is an Australian political party. The party aims to improve future living conditions by addressing climate change. The World Transformation Movement was registered as a political party in 2000.


Countless others exist as well. This list is not all-inclusive and only highlights the major ones around today. So check back soon for updates to our extensive list of political parties. We encourage you to look them up if you’re interested in learning more about a specific party or what they stand for. That will be all for now, but we hope this was helpful information, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it, so let us know which political party you align with and why in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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