This Will Fundamentally Change the Way You Look at Candace Owens

This Will Fundamentally Change the Way You Look at Candace Owens

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It was reported today that Candace Owens is being sued for defamation by a fellow republican. So we thought, why not explain both sides of who Candace Owens really is.

Candace Owens is an American conservative political commentator and public speaker. She is the communications director for Turning Point USA, a pro-Donald Trump organization. She has been described as “the next Tomi Lahren.”

Ms. Owens has appeared on various news shows, including “CNN Tonight,” “Fox & Friends,” and she was featured in a Time magazine article with other black Trump supporters. She worked as communications director for the conservative advocacy group Charlie Kirk founded, Turning Point USA. Her inflammatory tweets against white liberal billionaire George Soros eventually caused her to be fired from the position. Over the last several months, she has built up an impressive Twitter following of more than 500K followers – placing her as one of the most influential political tweeters online today.

She is also a vocal critic of Black Lives Matter – specifically Shaun King, DeRay McKesson, and others involved in that movement nationally. And she continues to take shots at them via social media and her various platforms.

King recently accused George Soros of financing black conservatives like Owens, which sparked this social media war.

She’s innocent black America

In a much-publicized tweet, Candace said, “Black people who don’t like each other are more American than those who do.” This comment was about the recent spat between her and Shaun King on Twitter over the last couple of weeks. In fact, it’s King’s wife (a former Black Lives Matter activist) who is reportedly responsible for ripping into Candace Owens via Instagram message shortly after the explosive tweet from Mr. King directed at Ms. Owens went viral – accusing her husband of being a white man posing as a black man, along with additional racially charged comments about Candace.

On the morning of July 20, 2018, Candace decided to go on Fox News and finally address the backlash she’s receiving from her comments about black people who don’t like each other. The interview was extremely insightful as Ms. Owens discussed many topics surrounding this current conversation – including race-based attacks on Trump supporters by media personalities like Don Lemon and Shaun King, Twitter censorship, the left’s perpetual identity politics pandering, racial & sexual discrimination lawsuits against wealthy universities, etc.… It’s a must-watch! She is articulate and brilliant during this 45-minute discussion with Tomi Lahren. She took no prisoners in that exchange!

Sebastian Gorka joined in during this segment and had some strong words about the left’s obsession with race relations and identity politics. He further added that 80% of black babies are born out of wedlock, which is disastrous for society.

Gorka said, “You cannot turn a blind eye to 80% of black children being born out-of-wedlock… African Americans – they’re not doing as well as everybody else. So if you continue on this path, the Democratic policies won’t make them better off because their families are broken”. That bold statement from Mr. Gorka certainly does deserve a follow-up discussion (if only to have him elaborate more on this). It would be interesting to see the stats for America as a whole around this topic – since I’m sure it’s much higher than Mr. Gorka is implying.

In a nutshell, you can’t have a constructive conversation about race until the American people are honest about it – and unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. So in the interim, we’ll probably continue to see inflammatory statements and tweets from Candace Owens aimed at her critics on Twitter… She has made it clear she won’t be censored on Twitter, so expect more fights with King & Co., etc.… as long as that continues to happen, I’m sure Ms. Owens will continue to respond in kind – lighting up Twitter with her thoughts & opinions but also causing significant blowback for some of those remarks within her own community (and beyond).

That said – although there are certainly people in this country who will never embrace Ms. Owens, I think there are also people who don’t know her and haven’t heard her message – so even if they disagree with some of the things she says (and does), it’s tough to deny that she is a thought-provoking individual with a unique perspective on political discourse today.

It’s hard to deny that Candace Owens is arguably the most controversial person in America today – but you can’t sit idly by and watch. At the same time, racial injustices continue to exist in this country… That’s what Ms. Owens has said numerous times about why she makes these bold statements online – because she wants to change; She wants justice for ALL Americans regardless of race or income. That’s a message that resonates with millions of people, so you can’t argue with the results.

She has also said, “I would love to have a conversation about race and identity in America – but not until the left un-demonizes the right…” So her desire is for dialogue on this topic from both sides – but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. In case Robin Williams’ character in JUMANJI says it best… Daaaan~n! There are still far too many people who are just too damn sensitive & thin-skinned when it comes to comments made by other races – or other gender preferences, etc.…  The rhetoric being spewed today is becoming more outrageous every single day.

At the end of the day, Candace Owens is reaching people with her message in ways that may be very different than other conservative pundits have done in the past. That’s why she’s controversial; because she says things outside the box and is not politically correct… But isn’t that what our country needs right now – a bold change from the status quo? We certainly can’t continue to live in a society where racism still exists, but we’re too afraid to discuss it. It doesn’t make sense.

Ms. Owens says, “I’m just tired of being told I can’t talk about issues facing black America by liberal blacks on MSNBC & Twitter….” And I think she has an extremely valid point there – why can’t we talk about these issues? They’re certainly not going away anytime soon. So as long as tensions continue to rise in this country – expect Ms. Owens (and others) to continue saying what they believe is right… and then brace for the blowback that comes after it.

But perhaps she says it best when she said, “Those who call themselves ‘the resistance’ are really the prescriptive nannies of modern America.” That’s so true – because most people want to be told exactly what they should do or say at any given time. Very few people have thick enough skin to accept direct criticism and use it constructively. But Candace Owens has shown us over & over again that she welcomes tough challenges, so expect her to continue making bolder statements as she gains more & more notoriety in this country.

Did Candace Owens take the red pill?

Candace Owens, also known as Red Pill Black, was recently seen in a video telling her followers to “abolish the Democratic Party.” The video was for her new organization called BLEXIT. She urges people to leave the party because of how they’re seeing themselves as an oppressed minority and then claims that it’s like they’re joining forces with these oppressors. She was asked if she wanted people to leave the Democratic Party and join the Republican party. After saying yes, a Twitter follower asked her if she would vote for Trump again. Candace replied with “Hell no!!! I’d never vote republican.”

If there is one thing that she seems to have gotten right in this video, there are two different democrats (or at least they were). Those who believe that equality can be attained through unity and that only when America’s best interest is served will minorities achieve true equality or even notice it. By following Owens’ logic of “abolish the democratic party, ” many are asking,” do we then abolish the Republican party because it also has failed Americans?

It seems as if Candace Owens is saying that we can be better Americans while being a part of the Democratic Party. She even went on to say that the Democratic Party platform says “that all men are created equal but then they tell women it’s okay to get abortions.” Does this not seem like a two-faced organization?

In her BLEXIT video, she didn’t talk at all about unity and healing. She did, however, mention something about “the eyes of an innocent baby” being opened when they enter into this world. Could she have been taking a shot at abortion rights?

To further strengthen my argument, I would like to bring up what another Twitter user, @jeff4trump6, had seen from Candace in a tweet back in 2016. They saw that she said that the N-word wasn’t offensive, but it’s a big deal when white people use it. She then claimed that she grew up around black people who used this word constantly and didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Candace Owens stated many things during her talk about the Democratic Party. One of them being “The Democrats are not your friend.” While I can agree with her statements, there must also be some unity within this party, even if we’re all completely different from one another. Of course, she is entitled to her own opinion because it is no longer 1776, whereas long as you have money or power, you have complete dominance over whoever you want.

We live in a country where people come from all over the world with hopes to be like Candace Owens or even Donald Trump. How can we expect other countries to stop believing what they believe and see America as something amazing if we won’t show this unity towards one another? Maybe Candace didn’t mean she wanted us to abolish the Democratic Party but rather become better democrats within it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next because I think that this is only the beginning of her BLEXIT movement.

Candace Owens claims that she’s an independent conservative who was once a Democrat supporter but now sees things differently (Conservative Review). She was once a black female supporting Hilary Clinton and even claims that being a conservative and black is not easy. She wants to prove that she’s different from other cookie-cutter conservatives by claiming that BLEXIT isn’t about “banning” black people or women.

After seeing this video, I wonder how many of her followers will be persuaded into thinking like Candace Owens. The main question now is whether or not does she actually cares about unity in America? I would have to say no because if she did, she wouldn’t spread those types of messages for true equality among Americans or even the Democratic Party itself. In an interview with the Daily Caller, Candace expresses how she feels today’s society sees being politically correct as a bigger deal than it should be (Daily Caller).

This shows us that Candace Owens is only interested in herself and her #BLEXIT movement. She doesn’t care about what other people say because she knows things better than everybody else. This is usually a trait seen with conservative groups who don’t really want to work with Democrats but rather be themselves. However, if we were all like this, America would fall apart quickly because there would be no unity. I’m not sure if Youtuber Tim Black has met Candace Owens or not, but he said it best when he stated, “you can go right to hell [Candace]!”

If you want more information on BLEXIT, make sure to check out the video below.

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