The media cashing in on the Russia Ukraine war is wrong on so many levels

It’s like we are watching a bad movie playing 24/7 on cable news. The Russia Ukraine war is a complex beast, and I’m not saying don’t talk about it at all.

What I mean is that the constant coverage of this war feels wrong.

Why does the Average American need a Russia Vs Ukraine play by play?

I don’t think we do need a play-by-play. The media should tell us what we need to know and what we can do about it. Nothing more, and nothing less. Plus, it’s not like we didn’t realize the Russia Ukraine war was coming.

The point here is that many other important things are happening worldwide. There’s still a homeless, hunger, and sickness crisis every day on American streets. More importantly, these issues never get enough attention, and right now, they are getting absolutely zero attention.

Am I the only one who sees a problem with the media turning a blind eye to literally every other story?

If that’s true, we are in a sadder state than I could have even imagined.

Media coverage clearly cannot stop a tank, or a bomber

So let’s stop with the savior complexes. I feel terrible for the citizens of Ukraine and for the Russian soldiers who may perish. I’m not trying to sound cold in this dissection of first-world media outlets, but it’s something that’s always bothered me.

This sort of 24/7 war coverage is nothing new, and it happens all the time, and we don’t do anything about it. What’s worse is most people go right along with it.

The Russia Ukraine war is something to talk about at work or on social media, and I’m afraid that’s all most people see it as.

When you have people who 99.9% of the time are entirely uninterested in foreign policy suddenly talking about nothing but foreign policy, to me, that means there’s a severe disconnect happening. I would be happy to eat my words if this media coverage created even a few new activists, but it won’t. Because as I’ve said, we have seen this time and time again.


The real question is what happens when the dust settles. Does everyone go back to completely ignoring what’s happening with Russian aggression? Or will our sudden case of seriousness transcend to other areas needing our immediate and forthright attention? Hopefully, our current mood state and ideals transcend, but I’m not holding my breath.


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