The Richest Practicing Lawyers in the World

The Richest Practicing Lawyers in the World

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If you’re an aspiring lawyer, you know the path to success is paved with hard work and dedication. But did you know that some practicing lawyers are more affluent than others? Believe it or not, some are so wealthy that they don’t even have to work. In this post, we’ll look at some of the richest practicing lawyers in the world. So whether you’re thinking of pursuing a career in law or want to be amazed by these individuals’ wealth, read on.

The Highest Paid Lawyers

Many familiar figures make regular television appearances or present routine commentary. They’ve tried cases from the massive to the strange and are renowned for being extremely intelligent. Throughout their lengthy career, the men have built significant wealth and are regarded by most as extraordinarily hardworking and exemplary people.

They don’t necessarily have to be rich in terms of monetary value, and they have to be rich in words of wisdom and experience. These are the wealthiest practicing lawyers in the world.

Wichai Thongtang

Wichai Thongtang has been an internationally recognized corporate billionaires lawyer since 2001 and has successfully represented Thaksin Shinawatra in the asset-disclosure case. The case immediately reestablished him amongst the most prominent Thais and overseas. Thongtang graduated in 1975 from Thammasate University and started practicing law at the end of 1980. In that year, he represented corporate and government officials from Thailand. He became wealthy from being an investment lawyer following Felix Dennis’ rules that a company can be rented out to anyone who wants to put their legal fees up.

Alan Dershowitz

Dershowitz has a net worth of $25M and has a prestigious law practice with renowned Harvard professors. He was born in Brooklyn and left the university for Yale University law. Dershowitz is now the youngest full professor at Harvard and served for 28 years before retiring in 2013. In addition to his extensive expertise in civil and criminal law, he regularly contributes political and legal analysis to the media. Despite alleged sexual abuse allegations against Kavanaugh, the judge has not denied his appeals. Dershowitz’s legacy has been known throughout Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

John Branca

Forbes 100 million John Branca is one of the top-ranked entertainment lawyers today. He moved from San Diego in 11th grade and has lived there ever since. The acclaimed lawyer graduated from UCLA in 1975 and was responsible for creating and operating several entertainment-related businesses. A seasoned music fan, he has represented a variety of bands and independent music companies. Branca contributed to many successes of Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video.

Judge Judy

Judith Sheindlin is the TV-star favorite “Judge Judy” who grew up in southeastern Massachusetts in the 1970s with no background in judicial work. The judge paid about $48 million to star in the latest season of the small-claim court’s show. She became an avowed personality who earned a top-rated salary on “NBC” Day. Although she has not revealed her worth in 2018, Forbes estimates she deserves a place at the top of the list. Judge Judy is passionate about law, carries a good chunk of fortune, and owns several expensive properties worldwide.

Robert Shapiro

Worth: $12m. Robert Shapiro is a lawyer who gained notoriety after he joined a team that exonerated Oj Simpson for murder in 1993. His clients include Occidental Petroleum and Rockstar Energy Drinks. Although his legal career has a major impact on his career, Shapiro is a strong entrepreneur. The lawyer founded Legal Zoom and Besides his role as a lawyer, he has also appeared as himself on television. In 2015 he was awarded the most important film at the Tenerife International Film Festival.

Mark Geragos

A net worth of $25 million was earned through his law practice. He is an Armenian-born attorney who practices law. He was a leading attorney who won a class-action suit for damages for unpaid coverage of the Armenian genocide in which Armenia acted. He subsequently represented Susan McDougal in the famous Whitewater case. Among other things, his work has included defending Scott Peterson (later sentenced to death for murdering his wife Lacey), Kesha, and, in particular, Kaepernick and Smollet.

Willie E. Gary

Willie G. Gary is an attorney and entrepreneur from the Georgia area. His career went on to become an attorney with Fortune magazine. He was a founding partner of Martin County’s first black law firm. Gary is the author of numerous controversies against large corporations, including a $500m settlement for unidentified Mississippi customers, which has gained him considerable prestige. Several interviews have occurred on Oprah Winfrey’s television and other talk shows.

Thomas Mesereau

Thomas Meseareau is a Harvard specializing in criminal defense. He represented some famous figures like Bill Cosby and Mike Tyson. Mesereau is a highly respected trial lawyer who has won an unprecedented three federal criminal jury trials simultaneously. He also had a reputation for taking high-level cases involving impossible odds.

Jane Wanjiru Michuki

Jane Michuki graduated from Warwick University in the UK. She served as the director of Kimani & Mikuki Advocates. The company represents several clients, including Equity Group Holdings, the largest Bank Holding Company in Africa, serving more than 9.2m clients. Michuki has been advising several massive housing project developers in Kenya. The lawyer is the most significant female shareholder on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Bill Neukom

In his 25 years in the legal field, Bill Neukom served as Microsoft’s head lawyer, advising the firm through a complex antitrust and intellectual property lawsuit. Among the case’s most significant is a case called The Trial of the Century. Microsoft has the responsibility to oversee the legal and government affairs of Microsoft and its activities in the fields of charitable giving. In 2007, he was elected president of the ABA.

Roy Black

Roy Black is a Miami criminal defense lawyer. His legal team has represented Rush Limbaugh, Kelsey Grammer, Jeffrey Epstein, and Justin Bieber. His case has been known to have excellently crafted, highly-studied arguments at trials, and in 1970 he was the highest-rated attorney on a Florida bar exam. Black is often termed Professor, possibly referring to his teaching time during his tenure at the University of Miami.


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