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The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World: What Does a Day Look Like?

Introduction to Top Paying Jobs

We all want to make more money. It’s an intrinsic need that is hardwired into our brains. The only way to do this, of course, is by finding the highest paying jobs.

Which jobs pay the best? What does it take to land one of these professions? These are questions we’ll answer in this article. Read on for the top 10 highest paying professions and what you can expect if you become part of them!

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Software Developer

These jobs are essential in modern society because they help create and maintain technology, such as computer programs and mobile apps. It turns out that such professionals make an average annual salary of £65,000 (about $83,500). What does a day look like for someone who works in this profession? Well, it’s hard to say.

  • A lot of these individuals are employed by tech companies that operate on a 24/h schedule.
  • This means they can work at any time so long as their performance is up to par!

Professional Sports Player

Think about it: they get to play a sport for a living. If you’re good enough, you could even join the ranks of those who win millions each year from endorsements and other deals! What’s more? No degree is necessary to land this position (though it certainly doesn’t hurt). The average salary for a rookie sports player is around 53k a year.

Many factors go into determining how much you can earn in your lifetime. Education is one of them, and it’s also something that many of these professions require (though not all of them).


Surgeons make an average salary of £77,000 ($97,500) per year; however, even a medical degree is necessary to get the job!

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These professionals make £77,000 ($97,500) per year as well. But if you want to do this job, be prepared for at least five years of school and training!

It’s not just about drawing up plans either: architects must intimately understand building codes, zoning laws, and building materials.


This is another profession that pays well but requires at least five years of school! The average salary for this job in the United States is £67,000 ($85,500) per year. Lawyers must also pass state-specific exams to become licensed attorneys.

Though it’s not easy, it does pay off… especially for those who end up making partners at a firm!

Air Traffic Controller

This job only requires a high school diploma but pays an average of £78,000 ($98,500) per year. It’s also one of the country-specific positions on this list. For example, in the United States, air traffic controllers only make an average salary of £42,000 ($53,500).

This is much lower than in other countries so it might not be a bad idea to look elsewhere if you’re interested in this profession!


Hedge fund managers are paid an average of £107,000 ($134,500) per year in the United Kingdom! This type of job requires a graduate degree, knowledge of risk management and financial reporting standards, as well as experience managing other people’s money before you can even be considered for the position.

Those who make it to this level often work around 50 hours each week, too – so don’t expect to have much downtime if you accept this role!

International Business Development Manager

International Business Development managers are next on our list with an average salary of £76,000 ($96,200). It turns out that international companies pay their employees more than domestic ones (which makes sense because they’re competing against giant, multinational corporations).

  • If you’re considering this as a career path then be prepared to travel.
  • In fact, most international business development managers work from home offices half of the time!

Medical Doctor

They make an average salary in the United States of £105,000 ($132,500) per year and require at least 11 years (and usually more) of training before they can even apply for a license to practice medicine!

But if you want to treat patients day-in and day-out, then it’s worth putting yourself through all that schooling.

Software Engineer

These jobs are essential in modern society, and they make a comfortable salary to boot. Software developers in the United States average £91,000 ($115,500) per year (even more than finance professionals!).

So if you’re good with computers but can’t stand sitting around all day, consider this career path!


The top ten highest paying jobs in the world require many years of schooling and consistently earn their employees an impressive paycheck. But some professions do pay better than others – especially those that are located internationally! That’s why medical doctors, international business development managers, architects, and hedge fund managers appear on our list twice while air traffic controllers only made it once… though we suppose there isn’t much competition for these positions, so salaries don’t vary too drastically from country to country.

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