The Truth About For Profit Prisons: How Corporations Make A Killing

The Truth About For Profit Prisons: How Corporations Make A Killing

The Truth About For Profit Prisons: How Corporations Make A Killing
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It’s no secret that America’s prison system is in dire straits. With overcrowding and rising costs, the government is looking for ways to cut corners – and private prisons are more than happy to oblige. In this in-depth article, we will explore the for-profit prison industry and how corporations are making a killing off of locking up American citizens.

We’ll look at the history of for-profit prisons, discuss their effects on society, and examine some of the controversies surrounding this billion-dollar industry.

For Profit Prison History

For-profit prisons have been around for centuries, but they boomed in the 1980s due to the War on Drugs. The for-profit prison industry is now worth billions of dollars, and it’s only getting bigger.

How It Works

The government contracts private prisons to house inmates, paid per prisoner. This arrangement gives private prisons a financial incentive to keep prison populations high.

Private Prison Advantages

There are several advantages to private prisons. Private prisons often have lower costs because they can hire non-union workers at lower wages.

Private prisons can also turn a profit, which means that they can reinvest money into the jail and improve the quality of the prison environment.

For-Profit Jails Criticisms

Some argue that for-profit prisons create an incentive for incarceration, leading to mass incarceration rates in the United States.

Private prisons are also often located in rural areas, which can make it difficult for inmates to stay in touch with their families and communities.

This isolation can make it harder for them to reintegrate into society after they are released.

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For-Profit Prison Facts

There are many private prisons in the United States operated by for-profit companies.

These prisons have come under scrutiny in recent years for their high recidivism rates, inadequate healthcare and safety standards, and lack of transparency.

Industry Worth

The private prison system is worth an estimated $5 billion annually, and the two largest operators of private prisons are Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and The GEO Group.

These companies have been criticized for their profit motive, which some say leads to cut corners and poor conditions for prisoners.


In 2015, the Department of Justice announced it would phase out its use of private prisons, citing safety and security concerns.

However, the Trump administration has since reversed this decision, and private prisons are currently used to house around 22% of federal inmates.

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If you’re considering investing in a private prison company, it’s essential to be aware of its risks.

Private prisons are a controversial industry, and there is growing evidence that they are not in the best interest of prisoners or society.


The for-profit prison industry is a controversial topic, and much debate surrounds it. In this article, we explored both sides of the issue to understand the truth about for-profit prisons better. Thank you for reading! I hope this article has helped shed some light on this complex issue.

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