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Tiktok stars and activism could be the success recipe of 2020

The allure of being TikTok stars cannot be denied. So we decided to write up a guide filled with the best tips. We researched by reading from the experts, as well as scoping the latest Tiktokers. All to bring you this ultimate guide of how to be a TikTok star.

Tiktok stars know this image well

Tiktok Stars choose good topics

The first thing always is to choose the right topic and be consistent. Having a range is good, but too much range hurts your messaging. You want people to be able to recognize you or your brand right away.

Some good suggestions for topics could be singing, comedy, cooking, or sports. You could even do something mysterious or wild stunts. Don’t do anything too dangerous, though. More importantly, you wouldn’t want to create your own destructive trend, would you?

Tikokers use Clickbait

We’re not saying to deceive anyone, because that is wrong. What we are saying is to try to lure people in with controversy or to be eccentric. You may not like this approach, but the fact is, all of your competition is doing it.

You need to know what people want. More importantly, you need to know what they are searching for. Then tie all of that into the content you have already created. As long as you stay relevant, you are golden.

Tiktok Users expect frequency

Nobody likes to follow someone who never posts. So set regular schedules for when you are going to post. Standard practice on the internet is to post at least 2-3 times per week. But this is Tiktok, where you should probably post everyday.

The reality is the internet moves pretty slow. That’s why consistency is so important. Imagine your quest to being a TikTok star like you are climbing a mountain. In that sense, every bit of consistency is like a perfect step up the high mountain.

Tiktok is heavy on trends

Trend features on social media are an essential tool to gain popularity. Watch for them every day and take your shot at being the best. All you have to do is what other people are doing; only the aim is to do it all better.

That’s all easier said than done. But you can take heart in the fact that a lot of your competitor’s content isn’t that good. So be better than most of the pack, and you will start to stand out.

Tiktok stars Keep it simple

Short videos perform the best among Tiktokers. More importantly, nobody has time to watch everyone’s 15-minute video. But people do have time to watch everyone’s 20-second hilarious clip.

Simplicity works, plus by keeping your content simple, you maximize your reach to broader audiences. Having a simple strategy also makes you more efficient. Basically, anything that helps you make content easier is a no brainer.

Tiktok makes heavy use of tags

More is better in regards to tags. If you can increase the odds of success by adding a few extra tags, then that’s the definition of a no-brainer. We know that adding tags can be tedious. But if you think that’s not good, try adding tags to 10 different social media accounts.

Fortunately for you, you can squarely focus on Tiktok and maybe a couple of other social accounts. So tag, tag, and then add more tags.

Tiktok is all about Music

TikTok isn’t about needing a screen reader to utilize. People expect music and sound effects. Moreover, Tiktok stars mostly have music in their content.

There are a lot of free sources for music, but I’m pretty sure you can use whatever music you want. At least until you become a TikTok star, then one could argue you might run into problems with music rights if you are monetized. And let’s be real, if your goal is to be a Tiktok star, that means monetization.

Editing is a mastered skill for Tiktok stars

Do whatever you can to make yourself look better. If that means becoming a photoshop wiz, you become a photoshop wiz. Going the extra mile always has rewards.

Check the Microsoft app store or Google/Apple stores for decent editing software. Eventually, you will get the best software, but follow one simple philosophy to start. Practice makes perfect.

Ultimately you don’t want to start your quest to Tiktok stardom getting off on the wrong foot. That’s why being familiar with different types of editing software is key to making the best content.

Tiktok stars

Follow influential TikTokers

The competition is real. Therefore you must always follow your competition. Not only will you appear like an uber active user, but you will also always have an inside track on who you need to beat. If TikTok is a race, it’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon.

More importantly, you don’t want to be left out on any big moves or collaborations. Or worse, by not paying attention to the competition, they completely leave you behind.

You can even keep up with your competition’s total follower counts and if they are trending up or down. That is done with a nifty site called Social Blade.

Market your Tiktok account

Make sure you share your TikTok profile and create branding on other networks. This is a critical step to promoting yourself in 2020. The best social networks currently are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Advertising is easiest on Facebook, though.

Unless you go viral, which is like 1 in a million chance, offsite marketing will be a huge boon to speed up the process to success. And I get that you are probably impatient or don’t have time to market. The reality is people who are serious enough make the time.


All in all, Tiktok stars have a high bar to try to reach. Just look at the latest Charli D’amelio scandal where she lost over 1 million followers in a couple of days. Ironically the Tiktok video that caused the scandal also had James Charles in it. He’s not a Tiktok star, but as a Youtuber, he’s still relevant to compare.

Tiktok followers expect positivity, or at least not negativity

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