Tips to be a more self-sufficient activist

The next reason for activism could be right around the corner. We considered that everyone in Covid-19 hot zones is stuck at home or too vulnerable to go outside. They could probably use some tips on efficiency.

Start a webpage or internet-based business

With the prevalence of high-speed internet connections, everyone can turn their writing passion into something more. Plus, we are living in a new age of working from home.

There are also many cheap ways to host and create websites. Unfortunately, the learning curve for specific aspects is high. Nevertheless, access to platforms and the need to utilize them has never been more increased.

These reasons are why I created this guide, to guide people to try new things and understand the internet and business best practices. As well as teach about some of the nuanced features of modern web apps.

Become a world-class professional writer

Do you need some tips on how to write like the pros? We have got you covered. Just read below for a quick start guide to mastering one of the oldest skills known to man.

1. Use a writing aid like “Grammarly”

Nobody has time to check their thesaurus every time they write. Nor should anyone even consider it unless you are that obsessed. In which case, more power to you.

2. The next pandemic needs writers who write for humans, not machines

Pay no mind to every random tipster on the internet. There is no way to game the search engines. Moreover, obsessing over every tag and category is a waste of time. So write like how you would want someone to write to you.

3. Laser focus on the subject matter

People don’t need to know your every thought or every detail. Keep it simple is not just a good motto. It’s a good philosophy and science. The sum of any one part is not greater than the whole. Remember that.

Be objective, or at least not too biased.

Look, unless you are promoting some super niche, being 1 sided is not smart. Mainly because you leave out an entire market of potential followers or customers, so it’s better to try to pull people from the fence than be extremists.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

In other words, don’t be boring. I would argue that’s why most writers fail. Maybe they are an expert writer, but they come off as too technical. More importantly, without the range and variety of openness, complacency festers.

If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

Toni Morrison
Become a collector

Unleash your inner collector. You can browse the internet for collectible items, or even travel around if you are up to take the risk. Some websites enable users to collect digitally. Sites such as




Become an activist or social journalist

These days the internet provides many paths to activism. There is social networking, live streaming, and video creation. That’s not to discount doing it the old fashioned way. At Viable Media, we are fair and balanced, so we can’t officially endorse any protest.

Adopt a pet

Pet ownership has skyrocketed during the pandemic, for obvious reasons. Every year millions of pets are euthanized due to lazy owners. These animals need saving, and quite frankly, nobody should have much better to do.


These last was some of the things you can do to feel normal during the global pandemic. We will keep it updated frequently.