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10 useful tips to improve yourself and your self-esteem


There are many reasons and avenues for you to learn tips to improve yourself, especially in our ever-growing digital world. This post will also consider global pandemics. Because whether we like it or not, isolation has become routine for a lot of people.

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Why improve yourself?

Improving yourself can be best equated to always putting your best foot forward. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Mainly because knowing when to step takes a good bit of discernment. That includes learning from experience and using logic while making plans.

The phrase “Rome” wasn’t built in a day is often mentioned. But few see the actual ramifications of that statement. Even fewer learn to follow that philosophy through to its logical conclusion. The logical conclusion is Rome isn’t unique, and neither is a person. At least in the context of a large-scale project.

As a human, we are all large scale projects. More importantly, we are striving each day to highlight the best versions of ourselves. That’s the point of optimizing ourselves and trying to teach people to do it efficiently.

The simplest tips to improve yourself

  • Hone your strengths but don’t get shoehorned
  • Do a deep risk analysis on all movable methodologies
  • Choose methods that work best with your style or skill
  • See-through each plan to its conclusion so you know if it works or not
  • Don’t get comfortable with mediocre results
  • Understand how different roles work and interact with each other
  • Use your losses as stepping stones
  • Learn what the best value for your time is; in other words, find the most bang for your buck
  • Think outside the box

How to improve your thinking

What if I told you that there was built-in optimization within your brain and that you could throw away all your wasteful thoughts? Now perhaps that is too outside the box for some. Our very intuition and physiology are programmed to remember. To clarify, I’m talking about at least replacing destructive thought processes with good ones.

We can’t throw away all our evil thoughts. Unless we are talking about electroshock therapy, but we aren’t. This is about connecting yourself with the world in a more meaningful way. Nobody can live inside a shell, and I can’t help but point out the irony of the new normal being isolated.

People were already isolated inside their heads. More importantly, the Covid-19 pandemic provides an opportunity to be less isolated inside ourselves. As a result of that new thought freedom, our thoughts will be the most optimized they have ever been.

How to free your mind

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There is confidence in letting go of doubt and experiencing absolute freedom. That’s the goal of a genuinely optimized mind. You have to have confidence in your plans and coalesce around those plans—anything less risks a regression back to poor thinking types.

You don’t have to be rich to think rich and to be clear; I’m not advocating for snobbiness. The reality is that how efficiently and straightforward we believe has a direct effect on our environments. Now, I’m not trying to get mystical or anything, but there’s also Karma’s topic.

Who knows the consequences of poorly thoughts? If you ask a doctor, they will tell you stress is a killer. So it’s scientific and spiritual that righteous and peaceful thoughts are a key to unlock the end game of human potential.

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Ultimately there is one last question we all must answer. Who or what do we want to be? And to answer requires effort and a process. Our thinking’s freedom or fluidity carries immense weight, and it’s time for that to become standard practice. In other words, free thought should be the industry standard of humanity.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on these tips to improve yourself

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