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Trending Celebrity news stories – Late 2020 edition

Cardi B and Offset broke up temporarily

The rap couple of the United States has finally decided to divorce. Rapper Cardi B filed divorce papers on Tuesday against her rapper husband, Offset. The couple has been on inflexible terms with each other for three years. Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, who is popularly known by her stage name Cardi B is a well-known rapper.

She rose to fame in 2017 with her hit songs, including ‘I Like It’ and ‘Bodak Yellow.’ The New York-based rapper married Offset in 2017 in a secret ceremony. Offset, also like Cardi B, is a well-known rapper and songwriter. Their marriage sparked a trend on social media, and a similar situation is being seen now when the couple is about to divorce.

The divorce between Cardi B and Offset will end one of the most high-profile relations in Hollywood.

Cardi B has a huge fan following across the globe. The recent single by Cardi B, in collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, is topping the Billboard Hot 100 for the straight three weeks.

The couple was a happy one in the beginning and also had a daughter named Kulture. The tension started to grow in 2018 when the couple decided to part ways to give each other space for some time. In December 2018, the ‘WAP’ rapper posted a video on her Instagram profile. In the video, she mentioned that they both love each other, but they have a tough time, and things are not working out. The video was watched by 75.5 million Instagram followers of New York rappers.

Things got complicated after Offset was found to be involved in infidelity. The couple split in December 2018 and reunited after a public apology by Offset. Offset announced a public apology, saying that he regrets being involved in such activities and promised not to continue it.

Now it seems like the couple has decided to permanently part their ways.

The divorce papers were filed by Cardi B in Georgia. The court has set the initial hearing for November 4. Cardi B has also filed for the custody of her daughter, Kulture, and child support from Offset. Kulture is the first daughter of Cardi B and fourth of Offset.

Offset is a member of Atlanta rap trio Migos. Culture and Culture II are the most renowned album of the trio. They had also collaborated with Cardi B in 2017. Besides, Offset has also made guest appearances in on US top 10 hits with Tyga and Kodak Black.

Nicki Minaj Wins Legal Battle With Tracy Chapman

Nicki Minaj is closer to freeing herself from the court case with songwriter Tracy Chapman. On Thursday, the hearing judge clearly signals that the Monster rapper is not engaged in any infringement.

The legal battle started in 2018 when Tracy Chapman sued the rapper. Chapman claimed that the Trinidadian-American rapper copied his song in her unreleased song Sorry. The case was ruled in favor of Minaj on Thursday. Judge, Virginia A. Phillips ruled that the attempt is a fair-use doctrine.

In her decision, Judge mentioned practice that an artist usually tends to experiment before copyright permission. If such an attempt is punished, t might result in limiting creativity and innovations.

Although the Judge ruled in favor of Minaj, the real battle is not yet over. Minaj’s song Sorry was created in 2017 in collaboration with Nasir Bin Olu. Tracy Chapman alleged that the song using lyrics from his “Baby Can I Hold You.”

Chapman was repeatedly asked for permission to use the song but refused. After the continuous refusal, Sorry was dropped from Minaj’s album Queen. The track was later released in 2019 to a New York radio DJ. The song was released and promoted on the internet and ended up sued by Chapman.

Minaj tried many times to get in touch with Chapman in 2017 before the release of the album. Chapman either ignored or reduced to reply. Minaj demanded a third-party license or the right to release the granted song.

The Monster rapper even took to social media to ask her fans to get together and get a Chapman license. When asked about the matter, Chapman’s lawyer replied that the songwriter and singer hold a ‘Do not sample’ policy.

During the Thursday hearing, Minaj’s Lawyer claimed that artists experiment with different studies’ and tones. He said that a ruling in favor of Chapman would impose a financial burden on the artist during the creation process, and such a duty is not suitable for free creativity.

The Judge agreed that it was a ‘fair use,’ and Minaj made no copyright infringement. She mentioned that artists have the right to use melodies and songs in studios without the third party’s approval. However, there is another matter about the distribution of music.

DJ Flex received a copy that was aired online; both Flex and Minaj denied the allegation that it came from Nicki or any of her representatives. Chapman’s attorney stressed the matter, but Judge Virginia told that a jury should only decide such an issue.

Chapman’s claims could have imposed some negative influences on the music industry. If the case had been ruled in favor of Chapman, no artist would be able to use songs for even experimentation. The artists would need permissions and licenses for listening and singing someone’s music in the studio.

Megan Thee Stallion Named In Time’s 100 Most Influential People Of 2020

Megan Thee Stallion, a young black rapper from Houston, is among the Time’s Magazine 100 most influential people of 2020 and has been featured on the cover of the magazine as well.  

The 25-year-old celebrated the big win with her followers on Instagram. She posted a picture of herself on the Time’s cover with the caption: “STILL I RISE. YOUNG BLACK WOMAN FROM HOUSTON TEXAS ON THE COVER OF TIME MAGAZINE AS ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.”

The list issued on September 22, 2020, included many other famous names such as Selena Gomez, Michaela Coel, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. 

Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson talked of Megan as “the epitome of tenacity. She said that Megan deserves this spot as she has significantly influenced the community at such a young age. 

Henson said, “I don’t like to put the stigma of the word strong on Black women because I think it dehumanizes us, but she has strength — strength through vulnerability. It’s invigorating to see her become a platinum-selling artist with the viral hit ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and multiple No. 1 song in the past year, ‘Savage’ and ‘WAP.’ But you would be a fool to think that’s all there is to her. She’s deep.

Megan was born in Bexar County, Texas, in 1995. Her real name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, but she’s famous with her stage name Megan Thee Stallion. Her mother, Holly Aleece Thomas, was a rapper too. Influenced by her mother, Megan started writing rap when she was 16. However, she didn’t get noticed until 2016, when she published her raps on SoundCloud. That proved to a significant push for her career, as she rose to prominence as early as 2017.

About Megan’s struggles, the ‘Empire’ star said that, “She’s lost much of her family — her mother, her father, her grandmother — yet she is the epitome of tenacity, of pulling herself up by her bootstraps. Somebody shot her this summer, and still, people tried to tear her down.”

Explaining the selection procedure of the honorees, Time 100 editorial director Dan Macsai said, “We see the Time 100 as more than a list.  “It’s a community of hundreds of leaders from across the years and around the world whose visions can guide us and whose achievements can bring us hope.”

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