Trump’s reckless behavior towards transition raises serious concerns about vaccination

United States has reported a worse increase in COVID-19 during the past few weeks. According to Johns Hopkins, the US surpassed 11 million positive cases this weekend, almost one million more than last week. The sad thing is that more than 1000 Americans are dying every day, with the death toll reaching 250000.

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During this situation, when Coronavirus in the US entered the most dangerous phase, President Trump is refusing to accept the election results. Instead of paying attention to the worsening pandemic, he focuses on how to reverse Biden’s win in November 3rd elections.

Unfortunately, on the most dangerous day for the US when the country exceeded 11 million cases this weekend, President Trump tweeted again, “I Won The Election.”

Not limiting there, Joe Biden’s advisor Ron Klain claimed on Sunday that President Trump does not allow life-saving talks between his health officials and Biden’s team. He said that health officials are planning to start vaccination in December. Their experts need to talk about the Department of Health Services and Pentagon’s vaccination plans in this critical situation.

This Reckless behavior from Trump towards the upcoming government is raising serious concerns among the Health officials. US infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that this lack of coordination between outgoing and incoming governments would delay the vaccine distribution. He said it would be better to work with Biden’s team to take charge on January 20.

What experts say

Dr.Fauci also advised Americans to follow protective measure’s including masks and hand washing. He said it is good to have a vaccine, but it is impossible to instantly end Coronavirus as they will first vaccinate high-risk Americans.

Apart from Dr.Fauci, Operation Warp Speed chief advisor Moncef Slaoui calls for transition talks between Trump and Biden teams. Slaoui told the Financial Times that he also wanted to talk to Biden’s team, but the White House did not allow him.

When the pandemic situation is getting alarming in the United States with every passing moment, President Trump is busy spreading misinformation about elections. Instead of taking strict measures to defeat the Coronavirus, he encourages people to attend his Anti-Biden rallies, neglecting social distancing.

Fortunately, Americans have a vaccine that is more than 90% effective against COVID-19.  But if these crowded protests continue, it will be impossible to control the virus spread.

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Now it is a time when Americans need to think about their lives, about their beloved ones instead of attending rallies by neglecting protective measures. If Americans want to control the COVID-19 spread, they have to move forward. They have to accept the truth by rejecting Trump’s unsupported claims. 

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