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Twitter Scandal trending 2020 edition

Every day more Twitter Scandals are popping up. Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to interact through small messages, called tweets. 

Twitter was founded in 2006. The story began when two ex-google employees, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, got together and founded a short message service called Twitter.

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The American based company is headquartered in San Franciso, California, United States. 

However, more people joined the board, and it took another few months before the final version of the social networking platform was launched in March 2007. The founding fathers of Twitter include Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone. Moreover, Jack Dorsey has been its CEO since September 30, 2015. 

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In the past 13 years, Twitter has become a successful name in the world of social networking.  It reports around 340 million registered users and employs more than 4000 people, working at its  35+ offices across the globe.


Twitter’s total revenue in the second quarter of 2020 was recorded at $683 million.

Each day about 500 million tweets are exchanged on Twitter. It has been serving as a marked platform for spreading the news, interacting with friends and family, and of course, for marketing purposes as well.

Mainly people use it for getting news updates as they say that news here reachers their ears before it’s broadcasted on conventional news sources. 

For example, Janis Krums was one of the first to spread the news of the US Airways plane crash landing in Hudson River in 2009 through Twitter before media outlets could even get a hint of it. 

Security Risks

In July 2020, Twitter recorded the highest security breach of the history when intruders hacked the accounts of high-profile personalities such as Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos. 

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This was a massive theft as thousands of people were scammed. In this attack, the hackers robed around $120,000 of bitcoin through at least 300 transactions. 

‘Characters’ limit’ is another big issue. Twitter doesn’t allow a tweet beyond 140 characters, a significant obstacle in the proper message conveying.

Besides, spam is another drawback to the platform. Fakers create false identity accounts. People start following these accounts and get scammed. 


We haven’t covered the Hunter Biden story that recently got censored by Twitter. In any case, at the hearings, it’s been reported that Twitter got torched. They censored a story over their own arbitrary rules. Plus there is the issue of the laws that protect Twitter from liability, which is a pretty big deal.

Twitter Scandals examples with a childrens playset of letter boxes that are formed to spell out the word Twitter
Twitter’s argument centered around how changing the law would change social media as a whole.

That argument honestly falls flat with me because social media has clearly grown out of control. Put simply, the unanswered questions and negatives are really starting to outweigh the positives.


Twitter has evolved into an important social networking platform, but the security risks associated with the site’s usage is a major downside. So, be careful, and don’t get scammed.

Also, don’t let Twitter censor you or act like they are the gatekeepers of the internet. It’s as if Twitter wants all of the rewards of being a successful brand but none of the responsibility.

Are you a Twitter user? How’s been your experience with it? Let us know in the comments below.

Advertising Through Twitter – The Latest 2020 Headache

In time’s past, internet sites would try to hide the fact that they are engaging in rigging user experiences to what they want. They decide where their internet traffic can go, and more importantly, Twitter decides where their internet traffic can’t go.

You nor I could advertise on Twitter right now without jumping through their ambiguous and arbitrary hoops. I can literally only guess as to why my Twitter accounts can’t run ads. Their email response mentioned something about either waiting or building my account out more.

What does building Twitter accounts more mean?

Clarity needed

If I had the time or the wherewithal to build my account up without advertising, then I wouldn’t advertise. So what their email recommends makes absolutely no sense. No other social network has hidden requirements to advertise; they tell you, this is how you enable an account to advertise.

We can only attempt to wrap our heads around Twitter’s latest self-inflicted wound. They are losing money and ultimately preventing nothing. They aren’t the gatekeepers of the internet. But as strange as it sounds, gatekeepers are what they are acting like.

At least people might start to understand relatively common internet practices. As a website owner, you are the gatekeeper, but social networks aren’t marketed like that. Nobody would sign up for business or personal use if they knew they were pawns in an internet traffic trading scheme.

Possible causes why advertising through Twitter sucks

Adding all of the previous up, one must wonder, is this all due to political correctness or partisan scare tactics?

Scare tactics are the obvious choice to describe this advertising fiasco. It’s like Twitter doesn’t want to hear a bunch of angry partisans. So it’s really just a question of is an internal or external problem. Something tells me the advertising clampdown has little to do with the average Twitter user, though. Twitter doesn’t seem to care if they manipulate or straight up deceive you.

Nor does Twitter seem to care if third party advertisers use invasive advertising techniques or mislead users.


This story boils down to Twitter trying to mitigate their own reach. For purely political or ideological purposes, and there’s no way it works out good. If Trump wins, they will have the biggest egg on their face, and if Biden wins, they won’t get any credit. Therefore, it’s a lose-lose situation and would probably be a good social or psychological case study. That’s how bonkers 2020 is getting.

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