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UFO Sightings have been on the rise: Famous and Recent Examples

There are no denying ufo sightings are on the rise. The number of ufo sightings in America has more than doubled over the past decade and ufo sighting videos and photos make headlines around the world, but what is it about UFOs that fascinates us so much?

Prepare to explore some of the most famous ufo sightings of all time, as well as recent examples of ufo sightings. You’ll be surprised at just how many there are.

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Famous UFO sightings

Roswell UFO incident

The Roswell UFO incident refers to the event that happened on July 8, 1947, in which a flying disc-shaped object crashed into a field in Roswell, New Mexico. Witnesses would claim they saw an alien spacecraft and dead aliens at the crash site. People would also say it was a weather balloon and not aliens.

Rendlesham Forest incident

The Rendlesham Forest incident refers to a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights and objects in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Woodbridge and close to the USAF Bentwaters military base between December 26–28, 1980. This event has been classified as “the UK’s Roswell” by many UFO enthusiasts.

Kecksburg UFO

Kecksburg UFO incident refers to a sighting of an object, described as a fire-ball by some and a cigar-shaped thing by others, spotted over Canada then dropped out of sight over Kecksburg, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1965. The object reportedly crashed into the woods next to the village.

Historical ufo sightings

The first known sighting of a UFO can be dated back to 1878 in Texas by an unnamed man. One night, the unidentified man was searching for buffalo when he saw the light come down from the sky.

The man assumed that it was a shooting star at first but then realized no sound accompanying the light. After investigating, he saw other objects in the sky, including ones that looked like tubes.

In 1883 ufos were spotted by witnesses all along the west coast. They described these ufos as mysterious bright lights that would travel at high speed before disappearing completely or simply hovering above specific landmarks for several minutes only to disappear again just as quickly!

  • In 1957 ufos were spotted over the city of san Antonio as well as flying above several military bases. At one point, pilots from those bases even attempted to intercept the ufo but failed.
  • In 1974, multiple witnesses saw something strange as they were leaving work late one night. Many of them reported seeing several orange lights floating above their heads very close to where they worked. Some even said those orange orbs flew right past them and chased after cars on nearby highways! They managed to snap some photos before disappearing completely.
  • A local news crew filmed a ufo sighting video from California in 2010. The ufo appeared to be dropping something off and then took off at high speed.
  • The Mexican Air Force has also previously investigated UFOs in February 2004 when they released footage captured by radar installation showing 11 flying objects over southern Campeche state.

According to the Mexican Army 16th Military Region Command based in Chetumal, who made public these official videos taken from their radars, unknown objects were identified “traveling at high velocities and performing impossible maneuvers” over the town of Calakmul in Campeche, a state in southeastern Mexico.

More Recent UFO sightings

Ufo footage from Germany 2017 shows a colossal ufo coming out of the clouds and hovering above a town. This isn’t like other recent ufo sightings because these objects seem to be sharing energy between each other or entering into an orb-type formation before they split apart again!

  • A pilot from a commercial airline spotted a ufo that was flying at high speeds over the pacific ocean in 2015
  • A famous video shot in December 2016 shows two ufos flying above new Mexico very closely together. They travel incredibly high speeds around mountains until one disappears entirely while the other gets lost among treetops.
  • A ufo was caught on camera flying over the city of japan in 2014
  • ufo sighting footage from the UK in 2015 was filmed by a man who said that he could see at least three mysterious objects hovering in the sky for several minutes before they shot off into space
  • ufo footage from china in 2017 shows ufos chasing after fighter jets

2018 had a boom of UFO sightings

One example is this incredible video taken by an amateur photographer while photographing waterfalls during sunset time near Florida keys (fl). He managed to capture multiple lights flying very high up in fast speeds when suddenly one ufo darts down towards him so quickly you can hear his camera shutter trying to catch up with it!

In 2018, people reported ufos flying over the city of phoenix (az)! Several people saw them, including one woman who took video footage on her cell phone as these objects flew right past her home at very high speeds. Some reports say that each ufo had what looked like windows around them, but others said they didn’t see anything out of those windows except for bright lights.

  • Ufo sighting in brazil this year has been gaining a lot of attention. Several different people filmed it, including one woman who caught all kinds of detail going on between these objects for over ten minutes!

Ufo sightings have happened near famous landmarks too

The most recent example comes from japan, where several people living there reported seeing giant ufos hovering over a bustling city on the coast of Japan.

These objects look like an orb surrounded by smaller orbs or spheres rotating around it, giving off bright lights from time to time while also looking as big as buildings flying overhead!

Logical explanation to ufo sightings

There are many logical explanations for UFO sightings

  • Some people believe that they are secret government weapons, while others think they might be extraterrestrial life
  • A more likely explanation is that these sightings may be caused by natural phenomena such as meteors or bright stars

Another possible cause of a UFO sighting could also be the result of a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia, which causes us to see patterns in things where there aren’t any

  • The last and most probable explanation for a UFO sighting is that it’s just an airplane flying at night with its lights off


Ufologists are finding more and more evidence supporting alien lifeforms visiting earth every day. They’ve even started measuring how long these mysterious crafts spend above us. Hence, we know just how long ufos have been here watching us this whole time. Stay tuned for more ufo sightings near you!

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