United States is on the brink of a health crisis as the COVID-19 cases continue to rise

COVID-19 cases across American continue to surge, adding more than 1 million new cases in the first five days of December. Increased friends and family gatherings during the Thanksgiving holiday and long weekend pushed the country into a dire situation.

The current Covid crisis

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Since the start of the new wave of Coronavirus, Health experts have warned Americans to avoid public gatherings. Unfortunately, they overlooked the warnings of celebrating Thanksgiving at home.

The careless behaviors and negligence from millions of Americans put the hospitals under enormous pressure. Two weeks ago, the seven-day average for deaths was 1448. Unfortunately, the number surpassed 2600 last Friday, the highest since spring, with nearly 228,000 confirmed cases.

According to the director of the Brown-Lifespan Center for Digital Health at Brown University, Dr. Megan Ranney’ US sees an increase in COVID-19 with each passing day. He said that Americans are at the edge of crisis as hospitals are filling up and health workers get infected.

Certainly, the situation is deteriorating. Every region of America has witnessed a sharp rise in the number of hospitalizations. From West to North, Midwest to South, every state is setting a new record.

In Arizona, health officials took on a harsh tone Saturday when the state reported 6,799 new cases in a single day. The Arizona Department of Health Services stated that people should wear masks around anyone, even those you know and trust.

States hit the hardest

North Carolina reported 6,018 confirmed cases on Saturday as compared to 5000 patients reported last week. Meanwhile, Indiana’s health department confirmed 7793 new cases on Saturday. Even the Idaho state situation aggravated too much that soldiers were required to treat patients in the health care center’s parking lot.

On Friday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti referred to the pandemic as “the greatest threat to life in Los Angeles that we have ever faced.”

The associate dean of Emory University School of Medicine, Dr. Carlos del Rio, said that it is not the primary concern that space fills. The real worry is the staff who are getting tired and sick. He said that he is anxious about the situation as America is running out of staff to take care of patients.


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A nightmare scenario has caught the country. The number of hospitalized cases is doubling; hospitals and health care centers are exhausted. They have no space to admit more patients, and more Americans are suffering and dying. What happens in the next few weeks is totally unpredictable.