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Viable Outreach Comment Policy

Welcome to Viable Outreach. The premier activism source.

One of the primary goals of this site is to raise the bar on public discourse. And our comment policy favorably reflects that. Our motto is

Raise the bar, and move with heart.

Let’s all try harder to be more respectful and open-minded to new or different ideas. Let’s walk the walk and treat people the way we want others to treat us. At a minimum, we will strictly enforce the following rules.

  • Keep self-promotion to a minimum. We don’t mind if you want to promote your blog or your music. Your self-promotion should only make up 20% of your total post content.
  • Don’t troll-like. It’s a job. Mainly because you are, in fact, not getting paid to troll online. So please, find something better to do. Read a book, or take a walk because we will ban you.
  • Spamming is a one-way ticket to ban-central. It’s super annoying, plus spamming is not effective at the perceived goal. Out of principle, nobody is going to click the link you posted 15 times in a row.

We believe in second chances, so we will issue a stern warning if these rules are broken. Beware, though, if your rule violation is so egregious, we will swiftly cancel you.

Lastly, enjoy yourselves and remember this isn’t a race. Strong arguments regarding the important issues are encouraged. The point here is, presenting a good argument should be reward enough.

You can follow these rules even if you are an anonymous user.

If you feel annoyed by what we post, please exercise restraint and fight your urge to spew all over the page. Most people won’t be able to take your vitriol seriously anyway because it will look like trolling. We don’t want to turn on moderation or censor dissenting opinions, so do us a favor and take a break from Viable Outreach until you feel better about things.

Let’s all lift ourselves. And remember, someone who disagrees with you is probably right too! Have fun! And keep the real-life activism going. As you know, or should know, this is a significant time in our history. We need everyone not just to be literate about current events but also to take action.

And keep your comments civil, please. That’s all we ask. Thank you for reading Viable Outreach!

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