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Visual Activism utilizes the arts as a vehicle to implement change. Those changes can either be economic, social, or political.

COVID-19 in the United States -Biden unveils his detailed plan

President-elect Joe Biden put forth his impressive three-point agenda on Tuesday, 8, November to effectively combat the COVID-19 in the United States. He declared the “masking, vaccination and opening schools” his key objectives in the first three months of the presidency. Biden assured Americans to lead the most effective mass vaccination plan in United States history. He called it a national priority to reopen the majority of schools across America by efficiently controlling the pandemic […]

Google Web Stories WordPress plugin officially released and reviewed

Released at the end of September, Google Web Stories is a new WordPress plugin designed to change how content is viewed on the internet. Web Stories are meant to be short bytes of information that cater to mobile markets. Google’s apparent goal with Web Stories is pretty lofty on the surface. But whether the stated goals are delivered is another story altogether. This post will explore the initial web stories rollout. And cut through the […]

Tiktok stars and activism could be the success recipe of 2020

The allure of being TikTok stars cannot be denied. So we decided to write up a guide filled with the best tips. We researched by reading from the experts, as well as scoping the latest Tiktokers. All to bring you this ultimate guide of how to be a TikTok star. The first thing always is to choose the right topic and be consistent. Having a range is good, but too much range hurts your messaging. […]

moria refugee camp fire engulfing several buildings

Current Events activist need to know – Late 2020 edition

When the Moria refugee camps caught fire In Greece, Europe’s largest refugee camp caught fire, leaving thousands without any shelter and food.  Located on the island of Lesbos, Moria camp has been home to thousands of refugees. Since 2015, migrants have been coming here. At the time of the fire, there were more than 12,000 people present at the campsite, and this number is four times the maximum capacity of the camp.  The fierce fire […]