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What International Men’s Day is and Ideas to Promote Issues for Male Advocacy

International Men’s Day is a global day celebrating men and boys, drawing attention to social inequalities. It is on November 19 every year and was founded in 1992 with “International Day for Men.” Every year on November 19, people celebrate International Men’s Day all over the world. The event is also celebrated with organizations around the world participating in events to mark this day. The reason behind any celebration of International Men’s Day can be addressed by looking at male-female […]

Colonizing Mars: Elon Musk’s Vision and Our Future in Space

Humanity has gained interest in colonizing Mars over the last century. This interest began after Mariner 4 took pictures of the planet’s red, dusty, desolate surface. The first man to successfully land on the moon was Neil Armstrong, and it happened on July 20th, 1969. The fascination with Mars was fuelled by ideas of a new frontier for humanity. The human race has not stopped its efforts in exploring space. NASA is planning a human-crewed mission to Mars and exploring […]


7 common-sense ways we can Save The Planet Earth

Planet Earth is calling you to action Helping to save the planet Earth is everyone’s responsibility. But for those of you who are activists, students, and/or parents, it is your duty to enlist in the fight. And by enlisting I mean educating yourself on what we can do to stop climate change. We need to take a stand against pollution and global warming because if we don’t then our children will grow up in an environment that they know nothing […]

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Activism Topics for Essays: An in-depth Guide

Whether you are a student or a writer, we thought a list of activism topics for essays would benefit your next assignment or task. The need to be heard is universal. Sometimes, this can take the form of creating a petition or sharing one’s story with the world on social media. There are many different ways in which we can make our voices heard and work for change. This blog post will explore some topics that have been more popular […]

Consumer Activism Report: Microsoft, Tiktok and Netflix

We put together the largest flashpoint for Consumer Activism examples on the internet. This blog post will highlight the biggest and most relevant stories all consumer activists need to know. Netflix and Tiktok have been in the news lately to take down videos associated with child predators. In some cases, these companies were alerted to the content on their platforms by activists who wanted to protect children from being exploited. However, as advocates for consumer activism know, there is much […]

moria refugee camp fire engulfing several buildings

All the Current and relevant Events activists need to know in 2020

When the Moria refugee camps caught fire In Greece, Europe’s largest refugee camp caught fire, leaving thousands without any shelter and food.  Located on the island of Lesbos, Moria camp has been home to thousands of refugees. Since 2015, migrants have been coming here. At the time of the fire, there were more than 12,000 people present at the campsite, and this number is four times the camp’s maximum capacity.  The fierce fire that erupted on Tuesday and a second-round […]