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Weird Animal stories – September 2020 edition

Dogs are going missing for 1 strange reason Dogs are going missing, and one reason could be boiled down to simple theft. At least that is what has been reported from England. But you should be aware of this story no matter where you live. According to Dr. Daniel Allen, an animal expert from Keele University, who recently filed a petition to review the Theft Act 1968 to declare pet theft a major crime. The […]

gray parrot

Weird news stories – late 2020 edition

Talking Parrots had to be removed from a park for swearing Many times you must have come across the talking parrots. They look cute. But it must be rare to come across a whole gang of the talking parrots, who don’t do the usual talk but swear at you.  Something similar happened in a London based park when the management had to remove mischievous parrots form the viewpoints for swearing at the visitors.  Five African […]

wax figure of the queen of england

Weird news headlines – late 2020 edition

Barbados announces to remove Queen Elizabeth from the position of head of the state Barbados wants to remove Queen Elizabeth as its head of the state and become a republic as soon as November 2021. The announcement came forth Tuesday by Barbados Governor-General, Sandra Mason. In a speech delivered on behalf of the country’s Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, Mason said,  “The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind.” Located in the Caribbean, […]