What atheist means in simple terms

What atheist detractors won’t tell you is that atheism means one without a belief in God. Atheism does not refer to such beliefs as the belief that there are no gods or the disbelief in God, but it relates to an absence of any assumptions about the existence of gods.

There’s also atheist-agnostic: someone who has given up on finding out if there’s a god or not – they’re just waiting for evidence either way. Agnostics don’t know whether there is a god or not (they think we can’t be sure).

There are many other types of atheists, too; those with some religious affiliation (atheist Judaism), those who have left religion due to being disillusioned by it (atheists from Christian backgrounds).

What atheist doesn’t believe in

Atheists are people who live life without the need for religion to give meaning to their lives. Atheists don’t pray for things to happen, and they don’t believe their actions will serve some divine purpose. People who are atheists might prefer the word “freethinker” instead of “atheist.” That’s because being an atheist means you’re open-minded when considering all possibilities about how our universe came into existence and how we developed as humans on earth.

What atheists are different

Some atheists only doubt specific aspects or certain religious claims, while others reject all notions related to faith and spirituality. Atheist bloggers need to recognize this distinction when writing posts because readers will always identify with one type over another.

Being an atheist is often misunderstood in today’s society. It seems like everywhere you look these days, people are talking about religion and God. In fact, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 63% of Americans say they believe in God with absolute certainty without doubts or hesitation. In comparison, only 30% claim they don’t think so at all (Pew 2012). With so many people believing something so firmly, it can be easy for atheists to feel left out like their opinions aren’t popular enough.

You may have heard the word ‘atheist’ and thought it was an insult or a slur, but that is not what it means. An atheist can be someone who has never been exposed to religion, someone who has rejected their upbringing for personal reasons, or even someone who does not believe in God because they cannot find evidence for one. There is no shame in being an atheist; you are just as good of a person as anyone else!

What Atheist means in simple terms

For centuries, the word ‘atheist’ has been used to describe those who do not believe in God.

What is an atheist? Atheism comes from a Greek word meaning without God or gods. But what does that mean? An atheist doesn’t believe in any supernatural beings, and they don’t believe in anything being divinely inspired. They may still be spiritual people with beliefs about life itself.

We need to understand the difference between atheism and agnosticism. Many of us identify ourselves as one or the other, and we need to know where we stand on specific issues.

Atheists hold many different beliefs about whether or not there is a god or gods, just like believers do. Atheists might believe in life after death, reincarnation, karma, ghosts, etc., while still being atheists! So if you’re reading this article wondering how someone could live without faith in religion, know that there are billions of atheists out there.


In the United States, the majority of people equate atheism with being against all religions and spirituality.

However, this is not accurate at face value because some atheists believe in God or a higher power but don’t affiliate with any particular religion. Some don’t like to associate themselves with atheists because they feel it’s too limiting and prefers to be called humanists or agnostics.


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