What consumers need to know about Netflix   Recently updated !

Recently Netflix released a movie titled “Cuties.” The film is a coming of age story about some young girls. Afterward, allegations of exploitation started swirling around the internet. Even American Politicians were getting in on the finger-pointing action.

The public response to the latest Netflix scandal

#CancelNetflix started trending among the calls to boycott the video platform. There are also reports of Netflix subscriptions being down up to 8%. So the question is whether this is a sign of consumers having enough. Or is it another bump in the road for the digital content powerhouse?

There is no justification for exploitation. But the reality is, we cannot clean up this mess without getting messy. Therefore, there is no way to tell a story about exploitation without being exploitative. At least there is no way to tell such a story without opening yourself up to such criticism.

More importantly, this new Netflix inspired spike of social justice warriors doesn’t pursue any real plan. There is no plan unless you consider canceling Netflix to be the best way to end children’s exploitation. Something tells me there are better ways to solve that problem.

Just take a lot at these social justice warriors

laptop showing the netflix logo
Netflix is said to have over 70 million subscribers in the U.S alone

The boycott Netflix movement

We don’t want to advocate to boycott Netflix, at least not solely for their backing of the movie “Cuties.” That would be aiming small, especially since there are better reasons to boycott Netflix, mainly because of their subpar content.

That’s right, somehow Netflix has convinced people their movies are worth 17 bucks a month. Unfortunately for millions of users, they are not worth it. Their staying power in the market is uncanny, but it all seems too good to be true. Netflix knows they are selling you a dream. More importantly, they know they sell that dream well.


If you hated the movie “Cuties,” welcome to the club of disappointed Netflix users. I’ve been that way for a while and only now have canceled my subscription. Of course, that cancellation was over their content as a whole.

But wait, there’s more.

Netflix Raising Prices Again – We Wish We Were Kidding

Netflix raising prices as far as the monthly subscription fee is basically highway robbery. Rather than run through all the numbers, let’s call a spade a spade. This follows the trend of big tech and big media sticking it to the people during a pandemic.

All many people can do is sit around and watch Netflix. It might be the only joy a lot of people have during the constant pandemic lockdowns happening throughout the world.

Netflix Price Raise

While the streaming platform’s recent price hike is only 1 dollar extra for the basic tier and 2 dollars extra for the premium tier, this latest hike precedes another increase from back in 2019.

It has been reported that this 1 dollar increase will raise Netflix’s revenue by upwards of 500 million dollars a year. That is an astronomical number, but more importantly, when does it ever end? And even more importantly, what are users getting for their increased spending. As of writing this, it is unclear what the average Netflix viewer is gaining here.

Put simply, the price seems like a net less for consumers.

Personal thoughts

The last time I checked, Netflix was making a ton of money. In fact, all the big tech companies just reported more earnings than they ever could have expected. How is any of that in any way, ok?

What have the big tech and big media companies done for the people in our time of crisis? I’m serious too. Oh wait, I forgot, they gave us zoom meetings, and apparently, 5g is rolling out with all the new overpriced phones.

2020 has to be a joke or a bad dream. We can’t even have cheap Netflix anymore because random unknown costs are rising. Yes, you read that right. With less GDP than ever, a smaller workforce than ever, costs in America are only rising.

Broader Ramifications

Let me take a shot in the dark on the whole rising costs thing. It can’t have anything to do with paying people more because companies really aren’t. So that leads to one other expense, which is the likely culprit.

I’ve talked about it several times already, and I’m calling it the big advertising scam. In a nutshell, costs to advertise in America are going through the roof. Now, the real mystery is why that’s happening.

With more people at home and more eyeballs on the screens, advertising costs should be going down. This leads me to believe companies are getting gouged left and right. Moreover, I would argue a big reason for many of the recent business bankruptcies is due to advertising costs.

I don’t care what expert shows up to tell me I’m wrong, either. If they did, it would be because they are a part of big-tech and big media. Who, BTW, are the sole beneficiaries of all the increased “costs.”


You all can be the judge of what’s going on here. I know we are smart enough as a society to break free of these big tech false idols. So many lives have been ruined, and the business as usual attitude is regrettable.

I’ve seen some companies step up a little bit. But it’s never one of the major industry players. It’s always a company that will always be the underdog, at least under the current system, where big tech and big media get to run wild and price gauge as at will.