What is the meaning of life – An exploration of different Philosophies

The question “What is the meaning of life?” has been asked by many people throughout human history. Philosophers, scientists, and artists have all tried to answer this perplexing question in their way. One thing that they agree on is that there are multiple meanings for life depending on which perspective you take. In this article, we will explore some possible answers to the question “what is the meaning of life?”

What is the Meaning of Life

The Nihilistic Meaning of Life

The nihilistic view of the meaning of life says that life has no meaning. This might seem depressing, but the upside to this view is you are free to do whatever you want with your life because nothing is holding you back.

You don’t have an inherent purpose, so if something isn’t fun or exciting for you, it doesn’t matter if it helps achieve anything in particular. Although this viewpoint may not be popular, people who subscribe to it often benefit from having more freedom and flexibility than those who believe otherwise (e.g., they can take risks).

However, some would argue that believing there’s no meaning in life makes accomplishing goals harder since we aren’t working towards any higher purpose – what happens when we eventually accomplish everything?

The Buddhist Meaning of Life

The following answer is that the meaning of life is to find happiness. This viewpoint says that it doesn’t matter what you do in your life, as long as you’re happy while doing it! Of course, there are many different types of happiness.

For example, some people might be happier when they spend time with family rather than going out and partying every night. Some may prefer a simple yet fulfilling lifestyle compared to one where they have more luxuries but must work harder for them (e.g., a person working at a coffee shop vs. someone who works on Wall Street).

To figure out how best to make yourself happy, though, we need self-knowledge – knowing what makes us truly happy means being honest about ourselves and our needs.

The Buddhist Path According to The Buddha

The meaning of life, according to Buddhism, is to find happiness within. This may seem like a simple goal, but the path to self-discovery can be challenging for many people.

The Buddha says in the Dhammapada:

Mind is the forerunner of all (evil) conditions. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with a corrupted mind, then pain follows one even as the wheel follows the hoofs of the ox that draws the cart.

Five things lead towards the utter purification of one’s mind: accurate knowledge of oneself, accurate knowledge of others, thinking on death, confidence in the Dharma, and energetic progress in wholesome actions. Quoted from “Sutta-Nipāta” by Māraṇa Thera (Rev H S Williams)

  • Accurate knowledge of oneself.
  • Accurate knowledge of others.
  • Thinking on death.
  • Confidence in the Dharma (or, Doctrine).
  • Energetic progress in wholesome actions (or, the practice of religious duties). [Also: Vigilance, or heedfulness.]

The Subjective Meaning of Life

The following answer says that life has no meaning, but it can have meaning to us. This view focuses on how we choose to define our lives rather than what an objective definition of life is. For example, someone who believes in this would say, “I’m a doctor,” not because they wanted their parents’ expectations or society’s expectations fulfilled with them becoming one, but because they chose to be one themselves and enjoy doing so every day!

Of course, things will change over time – you may feel differently about your job after working there for years compared to when you first started out (e.g. if you used love medicine). Some people find purpose in helping others while some prefer only looking at improving themselves.

The Mystical Meaning of Life

Life is a mysterious and powerful thing. We all require life in some form or another to sustain us. At the same time, we develop into the people we will one day be, and we cannot go back into that inexplicable pregnancy of time before birth without experiencing dire consequences. Life is about embracing the mystery of it all because there genuinely are no answers to the endlessly probing questions posed by this thing called reality.

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There are many more answers to the meaning of life

As you can see, there are many different ways to answer the question, “what is the meaning of life?” Depending on your beliefs about it and how you want to live out your own life, one of these views may resonate with you more than others. Philosophy can help one understand the various views of life. Some of these life views include:

The Materialistic Meaning of Life

The materialistic view suggests that existence is limited to the physical world, such as what we observe with our senses, and hence there is no other reality. However, the materialistic preferred has been challenged mainly by the other philosophers who claimed that it is devoid of meaning and purpose in life.

The Existentialist Meaning of Life

The existentialist take on this issue suggests that man should create his meaning and purpose without assistance from a divine being or an external object or force. This shows that we are responsible for our own destinies and not anyone else.

The Christian Meaning of Life

The Christian view of life suggests that life is meaningful because it is created by a Creator who knows the end from the beginning. This means that God had planned everything from before time began, and nothing happens without His consent.


All of these views have merit; it depends on your personal preference as to which one resonates with you more than others (or if they all do!). If you feel like life has no meaning to happiness, what matters most, go out there and make changes!

Your purpose in life might be different from everyone else’s, but at least you can live a fulfilling existence knowing that this was your choice. Just remember, though: believing something isn’t enough – going out and doing it is how people create their meanings for themselves!


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