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What to Do When Bored – 8 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy

What to do when bored? We all know the feeling. Sitting at home and not knowing what to do with ourselves is a common occurrence for many. It’s tempting to turn on Netflix or go on Facebook, but it can be hard on our productivity and keep us from doing anything else productive. In this article, we will discuss eight ways to find something new to do when you are bored!

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What to Do When Bored?

How to keep busy when you’re bored? This is a common question many people face. In this article, we will discuss how to stay occupied and not spend time on unproductive activities or take up too much of your time.

– The first thing you should do if you think that your going to end up being bored today is look at what events might be going on in your area! Is there possibly something fun happening nearby? If so, go check it out! If not, then pick one activity from our list below and try doing that instead!

– Another way to find things for yourself to do while avoiding boredom is looking for local meetup groups in your city (or even online). Meetup groups are a great way to meet new people and try something you’ve never done before!

– One of the most common things our community suggests trying is learning how to cook. Cooking for yourself can be healthy, fun, and even save money if that’s what you are into. In addition, cooking will take up time which will give you more opportunities to get distracted by anything else going on around you!

– If you don’t want to do any physical activity when you are bored, it might still be good for you to change locations or go somewhere with different scenery than where you’re right now. It really could help put some excitement in your day depending on where it’s located (ex: there is an old abandoned building around here that I like to explore when I’m bored).

– Going for a walk or running is another great way to get some exercise while also keeping your mind occupied with other thoughts. It’s hard to be bored if you’re doing something physical!

– You could try finding people in your area who are playing games and joining them; whether it’s video games or board games, there should be plenty of options around where ever you live. If this interests you, check out Reddit groups dedicated to gaming nearby so you can find local players looking to meet up regularly.

– When all else fails, do what makes YOU happy! Find an activity that keeps you engaged and entertained no matter how simple it might seem (ex: watching TV shows on Netflix, reading books).

– If you find yourself bored often, try to keep a list of things you want to do and make sure you are always trying something new! This alone could help prevent boredom.

What to do When Bored with a Friend?

This is a tricky question to answer. Sometimes, being bored with a friend is a sign that you have outgrown them and need to find someone new to talk to. Other times, it might be that your friend doesn’t get you or understand what you’re going through. In these cases, you might need to talk about it with them more and get on the same page. It also could be that they’re not very interesting people.

It’s also good to think about what exactly it is that’s making you bored- are they always talking about the same thing? If so, then tell them something different for once! Is there something in their life that bothers you? Maybe ask them how they’re doing!

It’s important not to immediately assume that your friend isn’t cool enough for you. They’re probably on the same level as you, just with different interests. If they are bringing down your vibe, try asking them questions about what they like and why they think it’s interesting. Who knows? You might end up finding something new!

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What to do When Bored in Class?

Some everyday things to do are:

-take out your notes and start studying them

-highlight essential points on your notes

-study for a test or exam

-read more about the topic you are taking a class on

-take a practice test or exam to see how you are doing

-find additional support from your teacher, tutor, family member, friend, etc.

What to Play When Bored?

Since I don’t know what type of games you like, I’ll give you a few examples of games I played when I was bored. Monopoly is a good choice if you enjoy board games because it can last for hours or even days. In this game, dice are used to determine the sequence of play and what happens to the player’s tokens on the board. It also involves trading properties and racing to get as much money as possible through various set-out goals.

Scrabble is a word game where players use their letter tiles to form words that score them points. The first person to have no tiles left loses.

If you like action, then Mario Kart is the game for you. This game involves collecting various items and using them to slow down your opponents while racing through different tracks. These are just a few examples of games that I had played when I was bored.

In conclusion, my friends who love board games should try Monopoly because it can last for hours, and many people like board games. Board games can make your time pass by quickly, and they are fun for you and your friends.

What To Do On Your Phone When Bored?

One of my favorite apps is a chat app called “Group Chat.” It’s straightforward to use and a lot of fun when you’re playing with friends. It’s just like texting, but you can talk to more people at once.

Also, I like “QuizUp” because it lets me see how I know trivia about different subjects. Sometimes I play the game by myself, and other times I play it with friends.

I also like “Checkers,” too! There are so many different variations for checkers, and they’re all so much fun! I’ve always loved board games, and this one is trendy.

I haven’t tried “Piano Tiles,” but I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun! I love playing the piano, and I always get frustrated when I can’t keep up with a song. So this is probably a game for me!

“” looks like it’s another one that lots of people play because there are so many great reviews online about it. In the game, you get to control an adorable worm and eat different foods to grow big and strong… But watch out, because other players can come along and eat you if they’re bigger than you!! It sounds like a scary-and-fun combination to me!


We have discussed a variety of ways that you can keep yourself occupied and engaged without spending too much time on unproductive activities. If you are bored right now and none of these work for you, go ahead and try something new! You might end up discovering something cool that was missing from your life before!

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