When to Post on Instagram: The Best Branding Practices

When to Post on Instagram: The Best Branding Practices

When to Post on Instagram: The Best Branding Practices
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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It’s a great way to connect with your customers and share your brand’s story. But when is the best time to post on Instagram? This can be tricky because different brands have different audiences, and those audiences are active at other times. This article will discuss the best time slot for your brand on Instagram!

Perhaps the brands are looking for the correct Instagram presence. You might also want to get maximum likes from other people. Finding the best time for submitting pictures to Instagram will be incredibly beneficial.

Instagram’s algorithms are constantly playing on the content its viewers display on the site. Historically, the chronological feed was simply posted during weekends and evenings. Time is considered the initial determinant of posts appearing in front. Today, creating appealing content is not enough. It is also vital to pick the right time to post the right content. If you don’t do so, your audience will not read it.

How to find your best time to post on Instagram?

We believe in the importance of engaging with the public. This is an excellent way to find the best time based on your specific audience. Since Instagram was redesigned, the importance of posting dates has become a significant factor.

Save Your Best Posts For Weekdays

B2B and other businesses receive the most engagements in the morning. If you’re able, you can do this on Instagram. Try using content over the weekend with little to no impact on your brand, even when fewer people see it. Create a spreadsheet with the details of your engagement received. It explains what weekend tea is for you. Is that true? Generally speaking, the best times of day to post on Facebook are during lunch hours (11 am to 1 pm) and during the night (7 am – 9 pm). How do we manage to post at work hours? If it’s not a job, make sure you post on Instagram whenever you can.

Learn About Your Audience

How do you get the right audience for Instagram? How should you learn how people feel on Instagram using the native tool Instagram Insight? In your Instagram account, you can view insights and other valid data. These pages provide a valuable source of info to your supporters. The list below shows the list of people who follow you. All your customer information can now be found in a single place. The data includes their location, gender, and where the most active users have logged into Instagram. Creating accounts gives users an account with Instagram creator studio.

Perform A/B tests

Don’t be limited to Instagram’s maximum posting time. Besides experimenting with different things. It doesn’t feel right to forget Instagram because it changes every day. Start collecting 4-5 various posts per day. It’s also a good time from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. During the following month, change the posting period. You can post on Mondays from 6 pm during the first weeks to 7 pm during the first weeks. Keep the information in an excel document. It takes days to get there.

Optimize your content

If you post on a perfect day, there will not be the results you want. The content you present is the most important to your target audience. Upload high-resolution pictures and videos to encourage people to click on the link. Send attractive captions to everyone who wants a review or review of your post. Use the correct hashtags for each field to reach more customers. Using the best-optimized content at the right time of posting is also beneficial on your Instagram page.

Schedule your content

Plan all your content for months ahead by scheduling your posts in a social calendar like RepeatPost. RecurPost can monitor Instagram engagements by finding you a suitable time to post. So you can ensure a good amount of content gets into your Instagram feed. You may also use RecurPost’s insights. You also get another perspective. RecurPost finds you the perfect moment to post to Instagram when you have an unusual case.

Measure your progress

As discussed earlier, the results will be analyzed using an Excel spreadsheet. This document includes information about the posted dates and hours. Make this one month and then post the same information on Instagram. This data helps select the best posting period after this.

Overall best time to post on Instagram

To find these results, we analyzed Instagram’s more than 3000 posts. Instagram’s optimal hour for posting is at 1 pm each Wednesday. Instagram user engagement was highest between a working day and the end of the week. It’s a fantastic time for an escape from work or school. Weekend posting is usually the worst day and does not often generate much interest.

Best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday

The most appropriate time to upload a picture is on Wednesday. Wednesday also seems like an important day for account participation in a given period.

Best time to post on Instagram on Monday

I like posting my Instagram pictures at 12:00 am. Some Instagram users will start the day off right. By lunch, the people are rushing into Instagram for a break.

Best time to post on Instagram on Tuesday

It’s a trendy day for Instagram postings on Tuesday. Engagement levels are high also at night between 8 and 10 p.m. but peak at around 9 p.m.

Best time to post on Instagram on Thursday

The most appropriate day for posting on Twitter is Thursday at 12:00 p.m. A normal 11:15 / 12:30 stretch provides excellent engagement.

Best time to post on Instagram on Sunday

Sunday engagement is pretty much constant from noon to night. The temperature is stable at 6:00 and 8:00.

Best time to post on Instagram on Saturday

8:00 is a good time on Instagram for Saturday postings. Grab your eyeballs before the rest of the world starts planning an offline holiday.

Best time to post on Instagram on Friday

It’s best posts on Facebook at 2 pm on Friday. Friday engagements are consistent during the morning and lunchtime between 10 and 2:30 pm.

How we found the best times to post on Instagram for our account

Use A Business Account & Insights

Instagram is also useful for tracking how active your users are on Instagram. This tool displays the times of your most active Instagram users and allows you to tailor the posts to your needs. Adding this information during this time will increase visibility and help increase followers on Instagram. The analytics feature provides you with an unprecedented amount of insight into how you follow Instagram followers. You must have an Instagram Business or Instagram Creator Profile to access insights.

When Your Audience Active

Look at a follower’s analytics for information about the number of times they scroll the blog. Marketing must be in tune with its audience. Targeting college fans on Instagram might be very different than tech executives waking up before 8:20 et. It helps to test the timings for certain Instagram users who follow your feed online and can predict your timelines.

You can try new tactics by adding time slots you have never used for 30 days.

Your Audience’s Time Zone

Your prime time to post for those with international audiences or located outside “normal” time zones could be 3 am. A scheduler for Instagram will keep your posts posted at the correct time daily. Download an easy-to-follow list that reveals the exact steps that influenced the Instagram growth of 0-60 million people without spending too much money or obtaining equipment.

Review Your Best Posts

Firstly, look at your business’s production: branding awareness and engagement. How to schedule your Instagram post can vary by a couple of factors. What has been your highest viewed post? When have they been posted? Is there any comparison to posts that earn likes? How many people are using data in their daily life to create compelling content? Your Instagram data is your most significant source of information. statistical analysis does not have to be equal. Some social networks are good at keeping your data organized.

When Your Competitors Post

Your competition can do the same calculations and experiments as you do according to your industry. Social listening can assist you in assessing the success of others. Most companies post within an hour. Avoid competition if you post at least 5 seconds before 5:00.

Best time to post on Instagram by industry

As previously stated, it can differ depending on your Instagram account. However, Instagram can offer better rates depending on the specific industry. Instagram posting is vital in optimizing engagement. You may have different Instagram accounts and followers online, so identifying your online followers may help with engagement.

Non-profit Sector

The best day is Monday to Friday. The worst hours are Sundays – Saturdays. During lunch hours, the worst times are Midnight and evening. Social platforms are popular among charities. It can help spread awareness by encouraging the participation of volunteers and enabling the organization’s social workers. Weekday and afternoon hours combine to enhance engagement in this case.


It’s hard for tech users to post on Instagram because peak hours on Instagram for this industry differ. If you wish Instagram followers to engage in tech posts, please remember the above timeframes. We have found the best times to post in the tech sector are from 9 AM until 11 p.m. ET. Depending upon the time of your job, you can reach audiences on the East Coast and the West Coast.


Social media has no importance for most hospitals. Although most users have already posted to Instagram, it remains crucial and worthwhile for healthcare professionals. The best time to post on Instagram for the health industry is Mondays at 8 a.m. and 11 a.m., according to Hootsuite. This is because people are more likely to seek health-related content at the beginning of the week when making healthier choices.

Professional services

Professional social media sites usually share educational content with links to websites, blogs, or others. Initially, this post attracts Instagram users, who then move on to other forms of content. According to howsociable.com, the best hours on Instagram are early morning because the statistics show that people tend to consume the content in the early hours. Industry services like banking and legal services are more popular on social media than in other jobs from Monday to Friday.


Instagram has become a vital tool for retailing for many retailers. Instagram is increasingly used to shop. If you’ve been trying to reach a market in retail, you may need to watch these top and worst Instagram posting times. The best time to post on Instagram is during the mornings. This is normal—people check their Instagram feeds for breakfast during a work-related commute.

Travel & Tourism

It’s not always easy to travel, and everyone will not have the desire to travel on Instagram to see the content. Study data show that most visitors in these niches are closer to 11 – 14 p.m. at the weekend. It isn’t the gold standard, and it is difficult to tell when it is the time for posting. All this depends on the Instagram audience, the country you like, or the time difference.

Food & beverages

Instagram fans certainly enjoy taking photos of good food. It does not require fancy Instagram tools for someone to find food pics at lunch times. Most professionals are on vacation during their working hours, so engagement may spike at these times throughout the day.

Media & Entertainment

The social media industry is so popular that finding an adequate time to post on Instagram can become an essential step to increasing your visibility. The best time to post on Instagram is in the morning (especially on weekends, evenings, and weekends).


Now that you understand the best times to post on Instagram, it’s time to put this information into practice. Experiment with different posting times and see which ones work best for your brand and audience. Remember that these general guidelines may not apply to every business or account. As always, test and measure to find what works best for you.

In addition to finding the best times to post, it’s essential to consider your content’s quality. You don’t want to look like you are chasing clout. Be sure to share high-quality photos and videos that are interesting and engaging. If you’re unsure where to start, check out our tips on creating great content for Instagram.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on getting the most out of Instagram for your business!

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