Who are famous climate change activists   Recently updated !

Climate change has become one of the biggest threats to humanity. Considering this, it’s important to highlight how far we’ve come, continuing the fight to solve the climate crisis. Around the world, many young individuals have actively participated in creating awareness about deteriorating climate conditions. 

Here is a climate change activists list describing those who continuously work for this noble cause.

Greta Thunberg

After capturing public attention at the United Nations in New York City last September, Thunberg spoke in December at the UN’s climate change conference in Madrid. Greta’s sheer enthusiasm and dedication to the cause have been appreciated by young climate activists worldwide and inspired them to take a stand in their own lands. 

David Wicker

David Wicker, a 14-year-old activist, lives in Italy and has organized groups of students to protest via Fridays for Future in Turin, Italy. He has asked governments all around the world to place the Climate Change issue as their top priority.

climate change activists list
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Saoi O’Connor

16-year-old Saoi O’Connor from Ireland has been dissenting in her own way since the age of four. Now she is one of the important figures of Ireland’s youth climate activists. 

Karida Niode

Karida Niode is an enthusiastic Climate Reality Leader in Jakarta, Indonesia. She lives near an urban low-income community. 

Rosie Mills 

Rosie is a 19-year-old climate activist who has actively led a petition drive that persuaded the local council in England to declare a “climate emergency” after catastrophic flooding.  

Jerome Foster 

A very young climate rebellion partner sees registering young people to vote as the best way to spur action on climate change. He also founded OneMillionOfUs. His organization combines voter registration with activism on climate change and many other social issues. 

Haven Coleman

Haven is a founder and executive director of ARID Agency. She celebrates Earth Day virtually with her activist family around the world. She has been a co-founder of the US Youth Climate Strike. 

Kezia Gerosano 

Kezia is a Climate Reality Leader. Gerosano is a part of the UN Youth Assembly on climate change. Presenting herself from a country like the Philippines, where the effects of climate change are incredibly apparent, she advocates for the country’s people greatly affected by the climate crisis.

These young climate activists are surely an inspiration for all of us to step forward and participate in saving our planet. What are your thoughts on it? Let’s know in the comments below.