Why Trust In America Is In Decline – 10 Reasons America Is Falling

If you are on this site, you probably don’t subscribe to American exceptionalism, or you are starting to wake up from the dream. The reality is that America is falling behind in many areas, but not only that, culturally speaking, we were never great, to begin with. The image of America worldwide is even declining.

America Is Declining

My argument for when America started to decline is also the first reason for the decline of the united states. When the government got too big, it got too complex for us to collectively or individually lead.

The exact point the government got that big is less straightforward. There were many explosions to the size of government in history. Moreover, we can view the inflated government as a microcosm of many aspects of the American decline.

Why America Is Falling

I’m all about individualism, but not at the expense of everything else. Of course, the icing on the cake is that America may have grown too fast, and it’s like America is trying to fit into shoes that are too big.

When was the last time you did anything for your community? I’m sure there are plenty of events happening in America, but it feels 100% performative in nature.

America In Decline

What’s behind the shroud of America? The answer is nothing is behind the shroud of America. Everything is fake, and I get that you think I’m ultra cynical by now. Good thing, I brought some receipts to help convince you that America is doomed.

America Is Declining Examples

I’ve looked at multiple data points, and it suggests that there are areas where America is falling behind compared to other countries. Specifically, the data shows that America lags in educational attainment and economic competitiveness.


This is concerning because it suggests that America is not doing as well as other countries preparing citizens for the future. America needs to focus on improving its educational system and ensuring that its economy is more competitive to provide its citizens are ready for the future.


The data also shows that America is facing many challenges that other countries are not. Specifically, the data shows that America has a higher level of income inequality and poverty. This is concerning because it suggests that America does not provide equal opportunities for all its citizens.

No Focus

America must focus on addressing these issues to ensure that all its citizens have a fair chance at success. America also needs to focus on creating jobs and reducing poverty to improve its citizens’ living standards.

Americans Are Mean

You probably try to be friendly and are a decent enough person. But you know it, and I know it; when you get fed up, you lash out. What I described is only human nature. The point is not for everyone to hold hands and our problems vanish. The fact is that collectively we all know better and can do better.

Why Is America Collapsing

The United States has its priorities backward. Things like human rights, climate change, and inequality get a lot of play from the media and in public discourse in general. However, these things aren’t taken seriously by anyone with clout in the government. Our elected officials want to get paid and stay in office; that’s it.

Special Interest Groups

In a nutshell, crony capitalism wins the day. But as long as the checks and fat government contracts keep rolling in, it doesn’t matter how much or how fast America declines. The government was never planning on fixing the problems anyway.

Profits Over People

Finally, we get to the root of all evil. It;’s all about the money; the dollar bill might as well be God to Americans. At least we have one thing going for us, but how long will that last? How long until we sacrifice more people for money than we can replace?

The Future Of Labor

I read a report recently that the company Amazon has already exhausted its labor force in many cities. This phenomenon can’t be unique to one company, and there are only two viable solutions to America’s future labor problem.

One solution is to pay workers more, which is unlikely to happen. Workers may see slight pay increases, but the CEOs of America aren’t about to take pay cuts and would rather watch their own companies burn.


The other solution is automation, which will consume the entire labor force, and millions will be left to fend for themselves. Of course, the rise of automation can be offset by things like universal healthcare, universal basic income, and a paradigm shift in American culture.


America needs to get back on track by prioritizing the will of the people, not the will of the few. If we don’t, we will continue seeing America decline into chaos. More importantly, the United States is falling behind other countries in critical areas.

Remember, the data suggests that America is facing many challenges that it needs to address to ensure its citizens are prepared for the future. America needs to improve its educational system, make its economy more competitive, and address issues of income inequality and poverty to provide equal opportunities for all of its citizens.


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