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World Animal Day: What is it?

What is World Animal Day?

World Animal Day is an annual event that takes place on October 4th. It is a day for people to celebrate, commemorate, and raise awareness of animals worldwide.


How is World Animal Day Celebrated?

-Public displays are put up with artwork featuring animals.

-Free vegan meals are served to encourage plant-based eating.

-Green spaces are left vacant for petting zoos, feeder stations, or benches with students can sit and study.

-Animals are commemorated by being named after them in places like streets, buildings, or parks.

Why Does World Animal Day Matter?

The World Society started it for Protection of Animals (WSPA) in 1931; they are still the main organizers of World Animal Day. It is currently supported by animal rights groups across 150 countries, working together to encourage public participation in this important event.

  • There are international awards such as “Person of the Year,” given to someone who has helped animals.
  • There are also local awards for people who have made a change in their community.

World Animal Day is not only about planning activities or taking action. It also brings our attention to the world’s most endangered species and aims to raise awareness on animal welfare issues such as rescuing, treating, and caring for animals in need.

We should all consider how we can reduce the number of abused and mistreated domesticated (farm) animals, stray dogs, and cats that end up in shelters or with rescue organizations.

This day serves as a catalyst that enables citizens, non-government organizations (NGOs), private companies, and governments alike to take action against all forms of cruelty and maltreatment towards animals.

What are The Themes of World Animal Day?

The theme of World Animal Day 2020 was ‘Animal heroes.’ There are many ways we humans depend on our four-legged friends as part of our family as pets. We also rely on some animals for food, clothing, and entertainment.

Many endangered species are exploited by their vulnerability and hunted to extinction or near-destruction if they cannot be saved from poachers and illegal traders who use them for profit.

But many animals survive due to the efforts and sacrifices of human beings and other animals that risk their own lives to save others in need; we owe a great deal of gratitude towards these animal heroes that work together with us humans towards a better world where all forms of abuse, exploitation, and maltreatment towards animals cease completely.

The 2021 World Animal Day aims to bring awareness to such issues through the stories of those brave individuals whose acts make us proud instead of ashamed. It is time we salute these heroes and celebrate their achievements.

If you are a pet lover, you understand how much our pets mean to us. Some have been partially trained to help out the disabled, sick, or elderly in society. Young children also learn responsibility by taking care of their pets.

At the same time, we should not forget that many animals that live on farms are being exploited in agriculture in countries worldwide for human consumption and entertainment purposes in zoos and circuses.

We need to stop this inhumane treatment towards animals who cannot express what they feel when subjected to abuse with words! We owe it to these creatures who can only show signs of fear with their bodies’ reactions or stress-related behaviors when confronted with violence from humans who should know better!

Why Should We Respect Animals?

Suppose you have stories about animals that you would like to share. In that case, World Animal Day 2020 has a social media campaign encouraging people from all walks of life to express their solidarity with our animal heroes through the many forms of social media available today.

Furthermore, this year’s World Animal Day is also expected to spread awareness on how we can help end illegal poaching and trading in endangered species and decrease the number of stray dogs and cats living on the streets by encouraging spay/neuter programs worldwide.

Do not forget that even though these animals do not live with us as pets or part of any human-animal symbiotic relationship, they are still animals deserving respect and protection just as much as those who do.

Moreover, World Animal Day also aims to bring awareness to animal testing in the pharmaceutical industry. Animals are being made to suffer when they should not have to pay for our curiosity or progress when other non-animal research methods are available that do not cause them any pain.

So take some time out on World Animal Day 2020 and consider how you can use your voice to speak up for animals in need around the world. After all, we owe them a lot!

Deer with heart world animal day cartoon illustration for world animal day

What Was World Animal Day 2020 Like?

The animal kingdom has lost one of its most devoted human friends and champions today with the passing of Jack Bass. The North Carolina Zoo lost a great friend, but he leaves behind an enormous legacy of support for our work through his many successful conservation fundraisers.

Jack Bass was also respectful to all animals, including those who lived at the zoo. He shared his love for nature with thousands of school children during his 20 years as a speaker on our Naturalist boat ride program. We will all miss Jack Bass and his spirit of conservation.

Jack Bass was a dedicated environmentalist, philanthropist, and arts patron who contributed generously to zoological parks across America. He wanted zoo animals to have habitats as close as possible to their natural environments – from the lions’ savannah to the orangutans’ rainforest.

“When I saw my first live elephant, I decided that one day I would see every elephant in North America,” said Mr. Bass. “I hoped that others might be inspired by my example.”

With an initial donation of $5 million in 1994, he kick-started The Elephant Walk, which raised more than $20 million towards constructing six new herds.

His passion for elephants continued with the three-mile Jack & Laura Bas Relief Hike winding through Ticklebelly Hill, dedicated in 2000. He also helped bring two African elephant herds to the North Carolina Zoo’s Giants of the Savanna.

“All of these animals have benefited from his generosity,” said Saki Aida, NC Zoo President and CEO. “Most importantly, he has provided more than half a million children worldwide with an understanding about wild elephants.”


1. World Animal Day is a day for people to celebrate animals and their importance in the world

2. Animals provide us with food, clothing, transport, entertainment, and companionship

3. People can do one of the following on this day – adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue organization, volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue organization

4. Or they can donate to help support these organizations

5. This year’s theme is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet,” which means that we should all be working together to care for our planet and its inhabitants


World Animal Day 2021 will be celebrated on October 4th globally, but several countries celebrate it on different dates based on traditional festivals and holidays. For example, Sri Lanka celebrates this day on August 12th due to its celebrations, while Malta marks it on May 13th as a public holiday. We encourage everyone worldwide to celebrate this day with our animal heroes and consider ways to help protect them around the year!

So get involved with World Animal Day to celebrate it!

Please take part in initiatives that raise awareness, protect animals from harm, or help them lead more comfortable lives!

Do something positive to show your support of animal rights – after all, isn’t that what World Animal Day is all about?

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