World events 2020

A new wave of COVID-19 has hit the world, including the United States. According to John Hopkins University, more than 52 million people have tested positive for the virus until now. The death toll has risen to 1290000. To fight the lethal virus, labs worldwide are in a race to […]

Scientists believe BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine can end the COVID-19.

Clashes Flare-Up Between Armenia And Azerbaijan Over Nagorno-Karabakh The tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia are increasing over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. With the whole world watching this developing story, the conflict may only escalate. Nagorno-Karabakh, a mountainous region in the South Caucasus, is a disputed region between the former Soviet republics, Armenia […]

Armenia Azerbaijan – The latest on the border disputes

illustrated map of Suadi Arabia and surrounding land

In the Nefud Desert of Saudi Arabia, researchers have uncovered 120,000-years-old footprints. Somebody discovered almost 376 fossilized footprints. During the survey of a dried lake named Abiathar. What’s intriguing that seven of these footmarks are said to be of humankind. According to an analysis published in the journal Science Advances, […]

Researchers discovered 120,000-Year-Old human footprints in Saudi Arabia

The World Health Organization has warned Europe about another pandemic round after the region reports a marked increase in the positive cases in recent days. In a press conference on Thursday, Hans Kluge, WHO’s regional director for the EU, said, “Weekly cases had now exceeded those reported when the pandemic […]

What the WHO has been saying about the “second wave”

China India flags in a collage

The tensions between Beijing and New Delhi intensifies as both the countries accuse each other of border violations and the ‘provocative military shots.’ On Tuesday, Zhang Shuili, a spokesman for the People’s Liberation Army’s Western Theatre Command, accused Indian troops of crossing the disputed Westen border near the Pangong Tso […]

China, India accuse each other of firing ‘provocative’ shots