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For many years, scientists have emphasized the need to discuss current events about climate change. They kept on saying that global warming could cause profound climate changes. And those changes would ultimately push the world into colossal devastation. Unfortunately, nobody paid heed to these warnings and took them seriously. Until […]

All the Important facts about climate change you better read

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No one knows what 2021 holds in terms of health and the economy. But, there is one thing we all can agree on, that it has finally caused GameStop to have a moment of relief. Since the new year rolled in, the battle between amateur traders(WallStreetBets) and hedge funds(short-sellers), centered-on […]

WallStreetbets managed to turn the tables in a game short-sellers invented

In the 19th century, American Civil War had officially terminated slavery. But, it could not end racial discrimination as the Jim Crow Laws were enacted. The laws endorsed an oppressive racial hierarchy in Southern states and deprived the Blacks of civil rights. They were not allowed to enjoy the same […]

Civil rights movement activists who left a lasting impact on Black’s lives

The ability to think and the reason is what puts human beings superior to animals. As the outcome of the reason comes the change. Every day, we see many people fighting for change. They want to change things, for they don’t find them suitable for the standards for humanity.   […]

How to become an activist

Mental health is crucial to living a healthy life, decision-making, and handling a stressful situation. Sometimes, stressful events such as relationship concerns, money issues, and the trauma of losing jobs severely impact our mental health. Mental health problems are common among people around the world. According to a survey, 1 […]

Activists to raise awareness about mental health problems

The judiciary adjudicates legal disputes and interprets, defends, and applies the law in legal cases. The active role of the judiciary includes upholding and promoting the rights of citizens in a country. The judiciary also acts as a system that works for the resolution of disputes. What is Judicial Activism? […]

Judicial activism vs. Judicial restraint

Climate change has become one of the biggest threats to humanity. Considering this, it’s important to highlight how far we’ve come, continuing the fight to solve the climate crisis. Around the world, many young individuals have actively participated in creating awareness about deteriorating climate conditions.  Here is a climate change […]

A climate change activists list to inspire us all

Appearing like gigantic blue marbles, oceans are the largest water reservoir, covering 71% of the globe. The air we breathe, the oxygen we inhale, the heat vital to keep us warm, everything comes from oceans. Oceans prevent the earth from getting too hot or too cold by circulating heat, making […]

Plastic debris affects sea Life throughout the ocean

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What are Black Lives Matters and defunding the police

What is Black Lives Matters? It’s been around for a while now, but the movement got significant momentum and became the top trend after George Floyd’s death. After this incident, many protests over racial discrimination erupted across the states and other countries. For weeks thousands of people marched on the […]

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What are the arguments against postmodernism in simple terms?

Postmodernism aka the vehicle driving the “my truth” movement in a vacuum. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with anyone’s truth. The problem lies in when people lend too much weight to their versions. So let’s discuss some arguments against postmodernism Postmodernists overvalue subjectivity. Their own truth refutes everything and nothing […]

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China, India accuse each other of firing ‘provocative’ shots

The tensions between Beijing and New Delhi intensifies as both the countries accuse each other of border violations and the ‘provocative military shots.’ On Tuesday, Zhang Shuili, a spokesman for the People’s Liberation Army’s Western Theatre Command, accused Indian troops of crossing the disputed Westen border near the Pangong Tso […]