What is clout chasing

What is clout? In short, clout is money or social status. Clout chasing means people who try to exploit something controversial solely for their own gain. More importantly, clout chasers don’t believe in what they are doing. They often display some of the following characteristics

  • Narcissism
  • Lying
  • One-sided thinking
  • Denial
  • Gullibility

It’s not hard to be a normal person who doesn’t want clout. The urban dictionary describes clout chasing as a person who only hangs with specific types of people. Or starts beef because of what’s popular.

Ask yourself if the previous description describes you. So by that definition, you are a clout chaser. Now, Idk about you, but something feels wrong about that. Clearly, we may need to redefine what clout chasing means

If you are wondering what people say on Twitter, some of the tweets we found about clout are highly agreeable. You can make your own conclusions.